High on Life: How to Defeat Skrendel Bros (Jonathan, Angela, Mona Fight Guide)

You will face multiple bosses as you progress in High on life. As you will have to visit multiple places during the bounty. You will face three bosses which are converting the humans into aliens. Later at the end of the bounty, they will become one by getting together.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Defeat Jonathan Skrendel in High on Life.

Skrendal Bros Location in High on Life

After getting the weapon you will see a blocked path you can shoot the children through the holes to open the door. You will see another blocked path shoot the children gain to open the door. You will reach the lab proceed through the labs and you will see multiple alien conversion processes. You will also be attacked by enemies Defeat the enemies and proceed to the Paddock. Use the Creature Weapon ability which will throw his children. These children can control their enemies and use them against their own enemies.

After moving forward you will see two circles you need to shoot the children inside them to make your path. First, shoot the children into the hole to the left side which will make the Bee appear. Use the grapple to reach the second hole and then shoot the children in the second hole to make the second Bee appear. Then use the grapple to the Bee to reach the zipline and then use your grapple to the zipline to reach the Paddock.


You will reach Specimen Holding where you have to defeat multiple enemies. You will also face a new enemy which is a giant and he will shoot a laser bullet from his left hand. Enemies are in numbers so it will take some time to defeat them. Also, free the crab enemies and free them.   After defeating all the enemies move forward.    

How to Defeat the Jonathan Skrendel in High on Life

You will face Skrendel Bros during the bounty. Basically, these are the three brothers which you will face during the bounty. The first one is Jonathan Skrendal which you need to defeat. This boss doesn’t have many moves. He will actually jump in the air and smash into the ground which will create a circular poison splash. This splash will also spread to the whole area.

He will smash the ground 5 times. You need to use the jump ability to save yourself from this attack. When you deplete more than half of his HP the attack will come more rapidly. In the end, he will run away.

jonathan skrendel

Find Jonathan Skrendel in High on Life

You need to find Jonathan Skrendal. Move forward and enter the Cloning Site by clearing the obstacles. After reaching the site you need to defeat the security. There will be so many of them. After defeating them you will face Angela Skrendel.

How to Defeat Angela Skrendel in High on Life

This is the second bro which you need to defeat. This boss will shoot multiple poison bullets which will spread. You can use the slashing ability to save yourself from the attack. He will smash hit attack. When you get close to him he will use his hand and tongue hit you which will throw you away.

Try to stay away from him and shoot him. You can use the bubble ability to slow him down and use the shotgun to give him more damage. He will easily be defeated in the end he will also run away like the first one.

angela skrendel

How to Defeat Mona Skrendel High on Life

Move forward and clear the path by moving through the Obstacles. You will reach the place (Think Tank) where you will find Mona Skrendel. You need to defeat this boss in order to proceed further. Mona will run around and she will swing his body to attack. Mona will also create a splash while moving toward you. Just use the Slow Bubble ability to slow down him. And then uses the Guzz attack to give him the damage.

Using a bubble slows down the enemy but also prevents the attack to hit him. So you need to get close to the bubble and attack. Then use the special crystal ability to give him the damage. After defeating him when you move forward to take the DNA sample he will quickly get up and assemble with the other bros.

mona skrendel

How to Defeat Bro-Tron High on Life

After defeating Mona they will come together and connect with each other to create the secret Bro-Tron form. Now they will use the all attacks together. First, they will quickly move around and swing around. Use the jet pack ability to save yourself. They will also spread themselves and use the attack differently. This time the impact of the attack will be more. When they will spread try to attack Angela Skrendel.

Because he will be the easiest one to defeat. Create a bubble around him and attack him to kill him. They will use multiple poison attacks and smash attacks. The two remaining will stay for some time. Use the disc ability to attack them and you will spread them. Attack them separately and kill Jonathan. He will also shoot poison bombs. In the end, Mona Skrendel will remain. You can defeat him easily.

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