High on Life – How to Find Gene’s Knife “Knifey”

In High on Life you also have to find the friendly NPCs from there you will get multiple tasks. After the zombies attack on earth you will be teleport to the Blim city where you have to find Gene Zaroothian. Gene Zaroothian is a bounty hunter.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Gene Knife in High on Life.

Activate the Bounty Suit:

When you meet with Gene he will ask you to wear the suit. After wearing the suit you will see multiple errors will pop up on the suit screen. Gene will ask you that the errors are appearing because he didn’t have the suit license.  You need to find the license from the shop to activate the suit.  Then go to the shop and activate the suit. After that, you need to meet Gene at your house. Go back to your house and meet Gene.

bounty suit

Place the Bounty:

He will tell you about a small-town gangster by the name of 9-Torg. Gene will ask you to bring the knife from her. He will also tell you that she is holding some sort of operation in the slums. Then he will ask you to place the bounty. Then go to the monitor and place your hand to place the bounty but when you place the bounty something happens to the monitor.  

9-torg bounty

Head to the Slums:

Move outside and follow the path. Your suit has a navigator which will show the path. After that, you need to get access to the slums. For that, you need to pass through the slum security. You will see two security bots a red one and the blue one. The blue one will ask you a question which you have to answer. He will ask you to choose between blue and red. Choose the red one and again you will ask to choose the option to choose the red one again.  

the red one option

Explore the slums:

After that, he will open the gate for you. Follow the tunnel and you will encounter an alien child. He won’t let you pass through there. You need to kill him and pass through there. At the gate, you will encounter two drones shoot them down. Move forward and talk to the lady she will tell you someone shoots his son. After talking to her move forward and you will encounter ant goons. There are plenty of them kill them and talk to the man who is fishing. He will give you some info about the 9-Torg. 

Find 9-Torg Hideout:

Follow the slums path and Kenny will introduce you to a new attack that you can use by pressing RB. Aim at the platform to shoot and make the path. It will shoot a poison bomb. You can also hold to make the aim and shoot. Shoot to make the path for you. Now climb on those iron sheets on the slums and follow the path. Kill some enemies and you will reach the hideout.

9-torg hideout

Find the Knife:

Enter inside the hideout and kill some enemies. You will hear someone talking about the knife and after knocking on the door they will ask you are the buyer. Select the buyer options and they will open the door. Take the knife and stab the ant goons there by using RS.

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