High on Life – How to find Gene Zaroothian in Blim City

Here's a simple guide on how to find Gene in High On Life.

Gene Zaroothian in High on life is one of the alien druglords who invaded the earth. At this stage Kenny the talking gun will teleport your house along with your sister to Blim City.

This is a huge intergalactic city and there is no clear direction as to the location of Gene Zaroothian. So you might end up wasting time by wandering around and gathering information.

To save your time in this article we have explained the Gene Zaroothian location in High on Life.

Find Gene Zaroothian in High On Life (Location)

After teleporting the house to Blim city Kenny will ask you to step out of the house. So instead you meet and asking about Gene from Blue, Purple, or Red alien simply go to the right of your house.

Here you will notice a Luglox Box (chest) that you can’t access. Go further and you will bench and a purple alien with three eyes sleeping on it. Interact with him and he will reveal himself as Gene Zaroothian.

Gene Zaroothian

Although Kenny will be surprised to see a famous bounty hunter is a homeless man but he is still not useless.

Then Kenny will ask him to help them fight with the G3 Cartel. Gene will tell you how he can help you while he is evicted. Then Kenny will ask for some kind of direction.

During this conversation, Jene will offer you a bounty suit in exchange for letting him stay at your house. Take the bounty suit and visit Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop to get its activation code.

As a test Gene will also ask you to get back his Knife. Read this guide to Find Gene’s Knife.

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