High on Life: How to Find GUS Weapon

High on Life has many areas that you have to visit and explore and you have to get the items and also defeat the bosses. These are all part of the bounties in order to progress you have to do all this stuff.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Gus’s Weapon in Half on Life.

Upper Mine Tunnels:

After getting the Krubis Coordinates you need to find the Warp Disk. From there move forward and you will reach the Upper Mine Tunnels. You will hear the call for help from the two Moplets. You will ask them where you can find the Warp Disk. He tells you about their prince which has the stack’s warp disk. He will ask you to clear the G3 base and reclaim the Sacred Ground to rescue Prince Chosen One. Upon saving him he will give you the Warp Disk.

Meeting With Moplets

Find Warp Disk:

Follow the straight path and enters the Sacred Grounds. After entering you will be attacked by multiple alien enemies. After that, you need to climb up and go through the vent to the left side. You will reach a room after killing more enemies and get the disc from the table. Jump and get out from there now you need to use the disc to teleport the prince. Meet the prince sitting on the sofa and he will give you a Warp Disk. After getting the warp Disk moves back to the mansion while clearing the hurdles and talking to the Krubis Friend again. He will be fainted and fall to the ground after some talk. After that get the disk from the machine. This will be the Krubis Disc. Now you need to go on the mark and use the Krubis Disk to teleport the Krubis Base. After that, your fight will Begin with the Krubis Boss.

Warp Disk

How to Get the Gus Weapon:

You need to defeat the Krubis Boss in order to get the Weapon. You will get the weapon from his dead body after taking the DNA sample. After getting the weapon you will remove the chip from the Gus.

Gus Abilities:

Gus is a shotgun weapon that shoots bursts of bullets at the same time. You can shoot three times and after that, you have to reload the shotgun. It also has the ability to Launch a disk. You can launch the disk by using the RB button which will shoot a disc and you can place the disk on the wall to make your path clear. You can also use the disk on multiple enemies. Overall it’s a powerful weapon that will make your fight easier than before.

Gus Disc Ability

This is how you can find the Gus Weapon. I hope this guide will help you.

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