High on Life: How to Find Sweezy Weapon

In High on Life players have to place the bounties. After placing the bounty they will visit a new area where they have to clear their path. Along the way, you have to fight with enemies which also includes solving puzzles and getting the items. They will things will be helpful to progress in the game. At the end of every bounty, you will face a Boss. You must need to defeat the boss in order to complete the bounty. After defeating the Boss you will receive a weapon.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Sweezy Weapon in High on Life. 

How to find the Sweezy Weapon:

After Krubis Bounty you meet with Gene and he will ask you to place the next bounty which is Douglas Bounty. You will be able to find this weapon in the Douglas Bounty. After placing the bounty you will reach a modern new place where you have to fight with the enemies.

After fighting with the enemies you will reach to an underground place. Where you get to the G3 Training center. There you have to get the entrance first and then you need to complete the training course. There is also our in-depth guide available on how to complete the G3 Training

 After completing the course you will ask to stay there but you decided to escape the G3 Training. After some time you will reach the place where you meet with the Dr. Joopy. He will ask you to help him find the way. Basically, the doctor is an octopus and he will need a path through the pipes. Now you need to solve the pipe puzzle to help him.

You will solve the tube puzzle three times during the progress. After solving the puzzle you will come to know that the Dr. Joopy that you are helping was the Douglas Boss. There you need to defeat the boss.

How to get the Sweezy Weapon:

After defeating the boss you have to take the DNA sample of that boss. Take the sample and you will receive the weapon from his dead body. This weapon is a pink colored weapon which will be a female weapon as you know that weapon in this game talks. Take the weapon and remove the chip from the weapon.

Sweezy weapon

Sweezy Ability:

Sweezy shoots the crystal which has the capacity of 25 bullets. When you equip Sweezy and use the knife it will give extra damage while you use the melee attack like an explosion. Sweezy has also a super crystal. First, shoot some bullets at the enemy and use the super crystal bullet to explode the enemy. You can also shoot the enemies even if they are on cover. Hold the LT button and then Press RT to shoot. Sweezy also has the time bubble ability which slows the object.  Overall this weapon has many abilities and you can put it to good use. 

Sweezy Ability

This is how you can get the Sweezy Weapon. We hope this guide will help you.