High on Life: How to find the Creature Weapon

You will be able to find many weapons in High on Life during the progress of the Bounty. Every weapon has its own ability which you can utilize to make progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Creature Weapon in High on Life.

Reach the Skrendal Labs:

After reaching you will receive the Intel from the Blim City security team about two bounties. There you select the Skrendel Bros bounty. After reaching the location you will talk to the Moplet which will be the only Moplet that will be left behind all others are enslaved by G3. He will tell you the location where they are working in the Skrendal Labs across the mushroom valley.

Follow the path and pass through the big mushroom. At the last mushroom, you will see a big gap between the path. Use the Gus Disc ability on the wall and then use the grapple ability to cross the path. Next you will see a waterfall you need to pass through there again use the disc ability and climb on the disc and then use the jetpack ability to clear the path.

Gus disc ability

You will face some enemies defeat them and move forward. Follow the mushroom and you will reach the big fan area use the Sweezy Slow bubble ability to slow down the fans and cross the area. You will reach the Security Checkpoint. Use the glob shot on the structure and then use the jetpack ability to cross the path.

Follow the straight path and you will reach the area where you to activate the Zipline. Press the button to activate the Zipline and use the Zipline to reach the control room. Where you will meet a female Moplet who will be working for G3. She will trigger the alarm which will alert the enemies.


Then you need to use the lift to move forward. You have to switch between the lifts along the way. Because the lift will stop and you will be attacked by the enemies. There you need to kill them and use their lift to move forward. You will reach the Sector A-Hybridization where you need to eliminate the security.

How to get the Creature Weapon:

After killing the alien you need to talk to the alien in the lab room. He will talk about some experiments with humans. You will reach the control after moving forward there you to turn on the two switches. You will see a hologram in which a person talks about the human genome. Then you will reach the laboratory room where you will see multiple Gatlians.

There is some sort of experiment happening with the Gatlians. Some Italians are trapped in the chamber and one of the Gatlian is buckled with the table. You will see a Gatlian trapped in the machine. 

creature weapon

Interact with the machine to get the Creature Weapon.

Creature Weapon Ability:

This creature weapon has six children which you can shoot. You can shoot them to access the location where you can’t go through like pipes and small places. You can shoot them through small spaces to open the lock. You can also shoot them on the enemies to give them extra damage the more you will shoot more they will die quickly.

creature weapon ability

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