High on Life: How to Get the Mag Boots

You will head towards the Slums where you need to investigate the High on Life about the Dr. Giblets. Where you see a dead body outside from there you will see this gear.

In this guide, we will discuss How to get the Mag boots in High on Life.

After completing the Skrendel Brother bounty you come back to the house and Gene will ask you to find another gear. Now you need to find the coordinates by asking the people around blim city. Then he will ask you that he has unlocked the extra feature in the bounty suite. This is the detective mode feature. Now you need to talk to the locals of blim city to find the Intel.

detective mode

Interrogate the Residents:

You will ask multiple residents but they don’t know about him. Some residents will also become angry when you interrogate them. After interrogating some residents you will find the one with the shutter. He will tell he doesn’t know but he knows a person who has the information about Dr. Giblets.

He will tell you to go to Blorto and mention his name Michael Taint. Scan the area and go to the Blorto and talk to him. You will ask him if he knows about Dr. Giblets but he will refuse to tell about him. When we tell him about Michael Taint he will ask you to check High on Life store in the slums.


Go to High on Life:

Head toward the Slums and defeat the Torg gang. After defeating the enemies move forward and clear the path by using the grappler. You will reach the Space Applebee’s area. There you have to defeat more enemies. It will take some time to defeat them because they are in numbers. After defeating them you will reach the High on Life. There you will see a line of people outside the store but you can enter inside without any permission. Enter inside and investigate the High on Life you will ask the manager about Dr. Giblets.

He will ask you know he knows that Dr. is the owner of this store but he doesn’t know what he looks like and where he can find him. You will ask another store employee but he won’t tell you anything. You will meet with two suited guys at the exit door of the store. They will talk to you for some time and they will disappear. Actually, they come there to investigate us.

finding dr. giblets

How to find the Mag Boots:

After getting out of the store you will see an alien dead body on the ground who died from falling from a height. There you see a lady which told you that his friend got trambled in the rush. There she will tell you that you can get his Mag Boots.

Mag Boots basically have magnets inside the shoes which will let you climb the walls by using them on the magnetic surface. You will also see a wall in front of you there you can check the shoes by climbing on the wall.

finding mag boots

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