High on Life – Prologue Walkthrough

High on life is a Comedic Sci-fi adventure game. At the start of the game, your character was playing a video game. Suddenly your sister came there and talks about their mom and dad. Then she talks about how the place is now free. Then she takes out the mirror and sniffs some cocaine. Then your character gives some weird look to his sister and then she said that you don’t need to worry because the parents are not around and they can do what ever you want.

Character Selection:

Then she asks you to try some. Where you ask to choose your character’s appearance like you have to choose your character’s face. You can switch left or right to check the available faces. During the face change, your sister talks about her friend. Then she asks she is going to prepare for the party.

character selection

Read the Note:

Go down stairs and talk to your sister. She will ask you to read the note that the mom left on the fridge. In the note, your mom asks you to find some work because they can’t support you forever. Go meet your sister outside because she needs to grab some stuff for the party.  

reading note

Alien Attack:

When you go outside you will see an alien ship arrive and your sister asks you to stay quiet. Some aliens come out of the ship and they started talking and suddenly an old man arrived there on wheel chair. The old man has dementia. One of the aliens caught him and then they kill the green-friendly alien.

alien attack

Get the Weapon, Kenny:

After killing the friendly alien they left the site. Then you hear some voice from his dead body. When you go and see his dead body you will come to know that the weapon talks. One thing to note is that all the weapons in this game will talk and give you some sort of information that will be handy for you in the game’s progress. Then Kenny will ask you to remove the chip from him. Then the weapon will ask you to listen to everything that he said and together they can survive. Because the aliens are attacking the city and the aliens are going to turn the whole city into drugs.

Kenny Weapon

Power up the Warp Drivel:

Then Kenny asks you to use him and kill some alien because Kenny is a gun. Kill some aliens and move toward the ship. Inside the ship, you will face three more aliens and after that, you will face a Merk which is a faster alien. After killing the aliens just keep going to the top of the ship and kill a Merk. After killing the Merk get the Warp Drivel. Go outside and find the power source to power up the Warp Drivel. Kill some aliens outside the ship and go to your house. There Kenny will ask you to place the device near the microwave oven to build the connection.

After powering up the device you will see Garmantuous who is the leader of the G3 cartel. And he will announce that the earth is under attack by them and the earth is their property. After that Kenny will teleport the House to Space.

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