Hogwarts Legacy Cheats & Trainers For PC

Caution: Using the cheat trainer in Hogwarts Legacy's online playing mode will result in the game banning you.

Using Hogwarts Legacy cheats and trainers is fun especially if you are a fan of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As a protagonist, you will explore the world, complete quests, attend classes, and engage in combat.

As you progress, you will level up their character, learn new spells and abilities, and upgrade your equipment. For that, you will have to collect craft potions, Spell energy, House points, Knowledge, Artefacts, and coins.

It’s not an easy task to collect all of these things, you will have to spend hours to understand in-game mechanics. But what if I told you that there is an easy way to get unlimited money, experience points, and much more?

Yes. Hogwarts Legacy cheats trainers are available to download on a PC. These cheat trainers are safe from malware and very easy to use. In this article, we have mentioned the best Hogwarts Legacy Cheats Trainer with their cheats options.

Can I Use Cheat Codes in Hogwarts Legacy on PC/PS5/XBOX?

Except for the PC version, you won’t be able to find cheat codes or console commands for Hogwarts Legacy. Although there are secret tips and tricks that you can find on the internet, using them is itself a cumbersome task.

Is it Safe to Use Cheat Trainer in Hogwarts Legacy?

Using separate cheat engines and cheat tables is completely illegal as per the game’s Terms of Use. These cheat Trainres or Cheat Engines change the game’s memory or codes to help you find parameters responsible for HP, Money, and Time.

That’s why never use trainers or cheat tables in Hogwarts Legacy’s online playing mode. You will get banned.

3 Best Hogwarts Legacy Cheats Trainers For PC

Listed below are our favorite cheat trainers and cheat tables.

1. Download Hogwarts Legacy FLiNG Trainer

When using trainers all you are going to check is the number of cheat options and stability. FLiNG Trainer offers 32 cheat options that are very easy to implement and use. Whether you are playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam, Origin, or on Epic launcher the FLiNG Trainer supports all of them.

The total Cheat options that this trainer offers in Hogwarts Legacy are:

Num 1Infinite Health
Num 2Edit Max Health
Num 3Infinite Ancient Magic Energy
Num 4Max Combo
Num 5Infinite Item Usage
Num 6Spells Instant Cooldown
Num 7Set Player Speed
Num 8 Set Movement Speed
Num 9Set Game Speed
Num 0One Hit Kills
Num .Damage Multiplier
Num +Defense Multiplier
Num –Life Leech (%)
Ctrl+Num 1Stealth Mode
Ctrl+Num 2Infinite Exp
Ctrl+Num 3Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 4Shop Items Cost 0 Money
Ctrl+Num 5Gain Money When Buying Items
Ctrl+Num 6Money Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 7Loots Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 8Max Extraordinary Gear Drop Rate
Ctrl+Num 9Max Legendary Gear Drop Rate
Alt+Num 1Infinite Broom Boost
Alt+Num 2Infinite Potion Effect Duration
Alt+Num 3Items Won’t Decrease
Alt+Num 4Instant Grow Plants
Alt+Num 5Instant Brew Potions
Alt+Num 6No Brew Potion Requirements
Alt+Num 7Ignore Conjuration Requirements
Alt+Num 8Unlock All Fast Travel Locations
Alt+Num 9Edit Max Gear Slot Count
Alt+Num 0Edit Talent Points

To download FLiNG Trainer simply visit the site and grab its file. Click on the .exe to start the installation process. Once the Hogwarts Legacy cheat trainer is installed run the game and press the above-mentioned keybinds to activate the effects.

One thing that you might note is that when you download FLiNG Trainer its download file will look like WeMod. It’s because WeMod has also integrated the same cheat scripts in their tool. WeMod has also added an additional customization option to change the cheat keybinds. Plus you will also get the updated and stable cheat in Hogwarts Legacy.

While using this trainer you won’t have to deal with any issues like crashing or lag. It’s a perfectly safe trainer plus if you face any issues you can always approach it community.

2. Download Plitch Trainers

Plitch is another trustable source to download Hogwarts Legacy Cheats. Plitch offers a total of 39 cheat options to players but only 7 of them are free. To use all cheat you have to purchase PLITCH premium cheat codes.

Download Plitch Trainers

We have included this trainer in our list because of its stable and auto-updated feature. If you don’t want to buy it with premium cheats then don’t worry because it free cheat codes are sufficient to make the game easier.

You can increase or decrease your movement speed. Earn 2x XP and unlimited coins. The Plitch Trainers also support Steam and EPic launchers.

In case your game works in an unexpected manner you can raise your issue with the Plitch community.

3. Download Hogwarts Legacy Trainer by FearlessRevolution

We were unable to test this FearlessRevolution cheat trainer as all the cheat options were available in the Pro version. We have only included FearlessRevolution in our list because of its credibility and long-standing in creating stable trainers.

They are offering 27 Hogwarts Legacy cheat options that you can enable from their trainer’s interface.

  1. Activate Trainer
  2. Unlimited Health
  3. One Hit Kill
  4. Super Player Speed
  5. Slow AI
  6. Save Coordinates
  7. Teleport to Saved Coordinates
  8. Super Movement Speed
  9. Unlimited Consumable Usage
  10. Invisibility
  11. Fast Spell Cooldown
  12. Allow Walking Up Walls
  13. No Fall Damage
  14. Mega EXP
  15. Shop Items Cost 0
  16. Gain Gold on Purchase
  17. Unlimited Focus
  18. Unlimited Broom Boost
  19. Player Speed Multiplier
  20. Edit: Player X Coordinate
  21. Edit: Player Y Coordinate
  22. Edit: Player Z Coordinate
  23. Edit: Max Health
  24. AI Speed Multiplier
  25. EXP Multiplier
  26. Rare Loot Drop Multiplier
  27. Loot Drop Multiplier

Are you Looking For Hogwarts Legacy Cheat Engine Table?

Well, the cheat table is another way to activate cheats in Hogwarts. The cheat table modifies the game file allowing a change of parameters and variables. Unlike Trainers, you can use it separately.

The script of cheat tables is free there are multiple sites from where you can easily download files in ct. extension. We suggest our readers use the Hogwarts Legacy Cheat Engine Table from gamepressure.

To use Cheat Table you need to download Cheat Engine’s latest version from their official site and install it on your PC.

After that

  1. Double-click the.CT file in order to open it.
  2. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  3. Keep the list.
  4. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1