How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing on Startup or Launch Issue on PC

Tips to troubleshoot game launching issues.

The most anticipated role-playing game of 2023 is now released and soon after that many PC players are complaining about Hogwarts Legacy Crashes on launch or start.

As this game is in its early release so first wait for the developers to launch game patches. Installing these patches will fix the Hogwarts Legacy crashing.

If you have already installed the latest game patch and still you are dealing with crashing issues on startup or launch. Then this article is for you.

Why Hogwarts Legacy Crashes on PC?

There are multiple reasons that cause crashes in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of them are

  • Outdated game versions or outdated graphics card drivers
  • Insufficient system requirements or hardware compatibility issues
  • Corrupted game files
  • Conflicts with third-party software or antivirus programs
  • Too many programs running in the background
  • Overclocking results in Overheating.
  • Bug or glitch in the game itself

How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing on Startup

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Make sure you apply the following tips to avoid crashing.

  1. First, it’s best to check your PC’s system requirements before playing the game.
  2. Restart your PC, if the glitch is temporary then it will go away instantly.
  3. Update graphics drivers and Windows OS. We suggest our readers use Driver Easy.
  4. Run Hogwarts Legacy using the dedicated graphics card.
  5. Instead of launching the game from the desktop shortcut, run the game via the original path using the .exe file.
  6. Unplug unwanted devices as that may also be interfering with the game process.
  7. Antivirus software can also prevent games from running. Either disable them or add Hogwarts Legacy to the exception list.
  8. Verify game files as the core game file might be corrupted.
  9. Uninstall any third-party app that you are using to overclock your GPU.
  10. Disable Overlay features of Discord, steam, or origin.
  11. Try running the game in compatibility mode.
  12. Download and install the DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest version.
  13. If non of the above tip works then reinstall the game.

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