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All House Party Cheat Codes & Console Commands (2023)

All House Party Cheat Codes & Console Commands (2023)

House Party cheat codes can give you the advantage to enjoy comfortable, epic gameplay. With the House Party console commands, you can easily combat, add items, intimacy, and sizes of body parts, boost stats, and complete quests automatically.

No House Party cheat engine, trainer, or cheat table is required to use the commands in this game.

If you need quick uplift in your gaming experience then look no further. In this article, we have explained updated House Party Cheat Codes and commands. Furthermore, we’ll also guide you on how to use House Party Console Commands.

How to Activate Cheats and Console Commands in House Party

In order to use console commands in House Party, just follow the below steps.

All House Party Cheat Codes or Console Commands

To use the console commands for House Party, enter the name of a character from below.

Door: Lock Or Unlock Doors

Roaming: Stop Characters From Moving From Their Current Location

Walk To: Make Characters Walk To Any Desired Location

Warpto: Make Characters Be Teleported Right In Front Of You

House Party Console Commands For Combat: Make Characters Fight Each Other

House Party Intimacy Commands: Having intimacy with any person

Player: Adjust Orgasm Sensitivity

House Party Console Commands To Add Items in Player Inventory

House Party Console Commands Quest Complete Automatically

Social: Boost Friendship, Romance, and Drunk-Level of Characters

Funny House Party Cheats

Bodyparts: Change the Size of Certain Body Parts

Drunk: How to Get Yourself

House Party Console Commands To Remove Clothing of Characters

Item: Give any Character an Item to Hold

Set any Character on Fire

Pose: Make any Character Pose for you

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