How Many People Play Fortnite in 2023?

Fortnite has been out for four years now. As it became immensely popular with the dance emojis in the game. There are millions of consistent players still after four years of playing Fortnite. The in-game cosmetics in Fortnite are the real game changer and Skins in Fortnite sell like a hot cake.

In this short informational guide we will tell you how many people are still playing Fortnite.

Fortnite Concurrent Players – Guess What!

Fortnite has concurrent players across platforms of 2.5 to 4 million in the last month. There are a total of 350 million player accounts registered to play Fortnite on Epic games across all platforms.

Fortnite has also been very successful in terms of generating revenue as well. So far this game has made about 9 billion dollars in the first two years after its release.

Fortnite Twitch Record

Twitch’s most famous stream record for the most no. of concurrent viewers is for a Fortnite stream. In recent months, Fortnite stands at No. 7 according to overall viewers on Twitch.

Fortnite in-game Purchases

According to stats by Epic Games about 77% of Fortnite players have made purchases once in the game. This includes Fortnite’s famous Battle Pass purchases which is also an in-game purchase.

What Countries are Top in Terms of No of Players

According to a recent study from Playercounter America is the largest community for Fortnite and has the most percentage of Fortnite Players.

Here are the top 5 countries in terms of most no. of players.

  • America with 27.25% players.
  • Brazil with 8.8% of players.
  • Russia with 5.50% players.
  • United Kingdom with 5.14% players.
  • Germany with 4.78% players.

How Many Players Play Fortnite Monthly

Fortnite has a concurrent player counter for about 3-4 million players according to Playercounter. But Daily Fortnite players in a day are about 20-30 million past months.

According to a graph by Active Players, monthly players of Fortnite in recent months are from 250- 270 million per month.

How Many Players Play Fortnite Monthly

Number of Fortnite losing players?

If you watch these stats by Active Players in the recent year, Fortnite has a monthly loss of players from 0.7% to 1%. The loss is not very severe but losing players constantly by 1% can be troublesome for Epic Games in the longer run. Still, in-game sales for the cosmetics by Fortnite are enough to still maintain overall margins.

Here is an in-depth stats of Monthly players by Player Active to get a better idea of the no. of players Fortnite is gaining and losing.

MonthMonthly Active PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/ Loss %
Last 30 Days251,025,598-2,539,412
September 30, 2022253,565,010
August 30, 2022257,404,123
July 30, 2022255,014,413
June 30, 2022264,501,166-4,654,300
May 30, 2022269,155,4661,104,3230.41
April 30, 2022268,051,143-2,960,403-1.09

NOTE: A Major hit of this loss is Fortnite’s Lawsuit against Apple and they lost about 116 million players that used to play Fortnite on iOS. Fortnite lost about 10% of its overall players due to Lawsuits against Apple and they removed Fortnite’s app from iOS.

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