How Many People Play Valorant? Player Count Tracker

Valorant is one of the top-played FPS games in the online multiplayer games category. The 5v5 objective-based game has taken a lot of players’ attention towards itself and the number of players for Valorant is increasing every month.

Valorant is produced by Riot Games which is popular for its strategy game named League of Legends. They made Valorant by combining the two famous FPS games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch which got a lot of attraction from players who play FPS games.

Valorant’s Battle Pass system makes players come back everyday

Riot Games is updating Valorant regularly and adding new modes, agents, skins, and Battlepass to the game to keep the game fresh for the players. The new content and the UI addition to the Valorant are liked by many concurrent players of the game and the support that players show for the game is also very huge.

The skins and bundles are at reasonable prices and the concurrent players of the game show their support for the game by purchasing the skins and the bundles.

However, every Episode has 3 Acts and every Act has its own Battlepass which is very affordable for the players. The battle pass contains skins for almost all the guns, Sprays, Gun Buddies, and Player Cards which let players customize their guns and lobby to their liking.

Valorant Active Players

Since the release date of Valorant, the number of Players that play Valorant is increasing rapidly, and by the records of Active Player, there are 12 million active players in each month of 2021 which was a great success for Valorant as it has been only a year since the launch of Valorant and they are keeping their players stay to play the game. However, as the year changed and a lot of new content is added to the game, the number of players also increased rapidly.

Now, in the last 30 Days, Valorant has hit its highest average monthly players’ number. From the record of Active Player, the number of active players in the last 30 Days is 22.5 Million. The average monthly players in the past few months have been around 2 Million which is honestly impressive.

Valorant has been out for 2 years now and it has already taken the lead in average monthly players from Overwatch and the Call of Duty franchises.

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