How to Charge your Nintendo Switch Controllers and Console

Nothing is frustrating more than that you receive a warning that your battery is low and your favorite switch games comes to halt now. Although Nintendo makes the Joy-Cons controllers easy to come into action when needed players don’t know the ways to charge up controllers and consoles.

Here are some ways and switch accessories that you can use to power up your controller and console as well.

Connect the Switch to the Power Supply

When you need to charge Nintendo Switch Controllers and Console both, Connect the Switch to your power supply. You will receive a charger with your console. So you can either keep this with your dock.

Charge your Joy-Con controllers by attaching them to the Switch

You can charge your Joy-Con controllers by attaching them to the sides of your switch. This will start charging each Joy-Con’s internal battery.

Charge your Pro controller through a USB cable

If you have Switch Pro Controller then you can charge it any time through the included USB-C cable connected to your switch dock. The front two USB ports on the dock are even easiest to access while playing.

Charge Joy-Cons while playing

Take a Nintendo switch AC adapter and plug it into a wall, in this way cord will reach your playing area, and plug the USB-C end into the port on the bottom of the console. Attach the Joy-Con controllers and enjoy playing.

Buy a Charging Grip

You can retail the Joy-Con Charging Grip for $29.99. In this way, you can charge your Joy-Con controllers when not attached to your switch via a USB cable. The standard Joy-Con Grip that usually comes with your console might not charge your controllers.

Buy a Joy-Con or Pro Controller Charging dock

If you have more sets of Joy-Con controllers then the officially licensed PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock helps you to charge two sets of Jo-Con controllers at once. PowerA has also a Joy-Con and Pro Controller dock that will help you to charge the Pro Controller and a single set of Joy-cons at a time.

Keep Your Controllers charging when not in use

When you are done playing, slide the Joy-Con controllers onto your Switch or into a Charging Grip, and plug the USB cable into your Pro Controller so you will not lose power as quickly the next time you play. Likewise, You can do it with a switch, Leave the system in the dock when not in use to keep its battery charged for later.

Concern your third-party controllers

There are different third-party controller options for switches and they used different charging methods. The best Pro-Controller alternative is the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, which uses two AA batteries instead of relying on a charger. 8Bitdo controllers use a mix of USB connections. The latest SN30 charges via MicroUSB, and SN30 Pro charges through the USB-C connection as the Pro Controller.