How to complete Battlefield Courier Quest in One Piece Odyssey

In this guide, we will discuss How to complete Battlefield Courier Quest in One Piece Odyssey.

Battlefield Courier Quest Location

First, you need to get the quest Desert Near Alubarna. There you will see an NPC (Worried Man) with the navigation mark. Talk to him and he will ask you that he is worried about his son and you need to deliver the letter to him. He will ask you to use his name (Segem) as a reference. 

battlefield courier quest location

How to Find Hator

You need to find the Hator in the camp. Get outside the camp area by going to the left side and head straight toward the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path you will see the camp area in front of you. After entering the camp go to the right side you will see a fat NPC sitting there. Talk to him about Hator and he will ask you to look for Tall Old Veteran.

former rebel soldier

You will find the Old Veteran on the left side of the tower. Talk to Old Veteran and he will ask you to talk to Hator partner. You will find Hator Partner on the left side of the tower ith a cowboy hat. Hator Partner tells you that Hator heads toward the Baroque Works Hideout.

How to Find the Hideout

Head back to the bridge and go to the right side after crossing the bridge. You will reach to a camp area where you need to go to the right side and follow the path. You will find the hideout in this area on the map.

hideout location

Go inside the hideout by using the stairs. After entering the inside go down by using the stairs. You need to use multiple stairs until you reach the open area underground. If you look toward the left side you will see a Hator NPC with a Red Dress. Interact and talk to him. You will tell Hator that his father has sent a letter.


At first, he won’t accept the letter then after some talk, he will accept the letter. You will ask Hator that he still has a family that takes care of him.

Now you need to head back all the way to Officer Segem. Talk to Segem and tell him about the situation of his son Hator. After that, the quest will finish and you will receive some reward.

Quest Reward

You will get these items as rewards.

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