How to Complete Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Quest in One Piece Odyssey (Side Quest Guide)

Gather the required material for NPC to make a perfume.

One Piece Odessy has an aside quest system that helps you get attractive rewards. Just like Hungry Navi Bird Quest, when you progress through the game you can choose to complete the Why Eye-Lashes Enlisted Quest. By completing this quest you can gain experience that will help you upgrade your character’s skills.

In this side quest guide, we have explained the steps to complete Eye-Lashes Enlisted Quest in One Piece Odyssey.

Eye-Lashes Enlisted Quest Location in One Piece Odessy

Follow these steps.

Start the Quest in Alubarna

Start the quest by interacting with a shouting man who is standing beside a camel. Select the (Yeah, let’s do that) option. You need to help the man by finding the perfume.

eye-lashes enlisted quest location

Gather the Required Items

Eye-Lashes requires material to make a perfume that enhances women’s charm. You can find perfume from Aroma and Armor shop in Nanohana.

There is no specific mark for the shop on the map. For the hint, you will find a Woman NPC outside the shop which wears a green dress.

perfume location

Go inside the shop and talk to the girl at the counter. Get the perfume from her. After that travel back to Alubarna Palace Square.

Get the Lotion From Royal Palace Maid

Now talk to the NPC street merchant about buying the lotion. She will tell you that the royal palace maid has bought all the stock. Find the Royal Palace Maid on the southeast of the Alubarna near the stairs. When you get there you will see that she is surrounded by thieves. Fight with them.

Get the Lotion From Royal Palace Maid

Give the Lotion to Shouting Man in Alubarna

After defeating them you will talk to the maid and she will give you the lotion as a reward for saving her. Take the lotion and go back to the Shouting Man. You will give all the items to the Shouting Man which will make the camel happy. Camel will be ready to work again and this will end the quest.

completing eye-lashes enlisted quest

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