How to Complete More Important than Berries Quest in One Piece Odyssey

Read this guide to find the lost photograph of Pompous Tam.

In One Piece Odessy you will have to complete different side quests to earn an Exp reward. More important than berries is yet another side quest that you will have to complete. In this quest, you have to collect two parts of the lost photograph and get 3000 Berries + 1 Noble’s Ring as a reward.

To gather these parts you will travel to Ravine of No Return area where your map is useless. However, this guide will explain locations and directions to easily complete the More Important than Berrie’s quest in One Piece Odyssey

How To Start The More Important Than Berries Side Quest (Location)

Once you have defeated Crocodile at the end of the second Chapter you will meet Pompous Tam (NPC). He (the irritated man) is wearing a black hat and glasses and can be found on the northeastern alley in Nanohana.

more important than berries quest location

Interact with the irritated man and ask him what happened. He will tell you that while traveling he lost a photograph in the desert.

Ask the Irritated Man what happened, and he’ll tell you that he came to Alabasta from a faraway land. Accept his request and make Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates find it.

Where To Look For The First Part of Lost Photograph

The first piece of the lost photograph is located in the Desolate Valley which is a small area within the Desert Near Nanohana.

Go to the Yoisa travel in Nanohana and use the fast travel to reach the Ravine of No Return Entrance. Once you are there you can ask the caravan for information about the photograph.

After reaching there go to the left side of the camp. A little far you will find a cave to the right side near the scorpion enemy. Switch to the Chopper because it’s a small path and you can’t reach there while playing Luffy.

photograph location

Explore the area and look for the broken bridge. On its left side, you will a shiny item on the ground. This is the first part of Tam’s Lost Photograph image of 2 Children.

Take it to the Tam NPC at the same location in Nanohana. After that, he will tell you that you need to find the second part of the lost photograph as well.

Where To Find the Second Part of Lost Photograph

After giving the photograph to the NPC (irritated man) he will ask you to find the second one. Now travel back to Ravine of No Return Entrance and enter the cave near the fast travel mark.

Follow the cave and you will reach an NPC. Go to the right side and follow the straight path to reach the open area where you will find a statue. You need to go to the right side of the statue.

second photograph location

Follow the path and you will encounter multiple enemies. Defeat them and follow the path to the right side. You will reach a dead NPC there you will see the black smoke. Cross the black smoke and you will see multiple scorpion enemies. The photograph is in this area and you need to defeat the scorpion enemies in order to get it.

Defeat the enemies and get the photograph of the adult. Go back to the NPC (irritated man) and give him the photograph. The NPC will tell you the story of why he wants the photograph and it will end the quest.

Reward of More Important than Berries Quest

You will get these items as a reward.

  • Noble Ring (1)
  • Coins (3000)

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