How to Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey

Unlock new recipes and save them in your inventory to get an instant buff in HP.

In One Piece Odessy Scorpion and Clam Soup are two different recipes that you can craft to get buffs. Scorpion and Clam Soup will give you 1500 HP and also cure the poison. You can use Scorpion and Clam Soup during the battle on yourself and also on your teammates.

In this guide, we will discuss how to cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey

The first time the Scorpion and Clam Soup recipe is introduced is during the quest in the Desert near Nanohana. Where you will be asked to cook the soup and give it to the Cook Krin.

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Required the Ingredients To Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup

To cook the Scorpion and Clam Soup you need to gather the ingredients. You need to get

  • Scorpion Leg (1)
  • Sandy Shell (1)

You can get these ingredients outside the town. Head toward the cave and get outside. There you will see multiple scorpion enemies. Go and battle with scorpions.

You have to defeat plenty of scorpions as they are lower-level enemies so it will be easier to defeat them. After defeating them you will get the Scorpion Leg.

defeating scorpions and take the Scorpion Leg.

To get the Sandy Shell after getting outside look to the right side. You will find the Sandy Shell if you didn’t get the Sandy Shell you need to go to your Ship Area. You will plenty of Sandy Shell there.

Cooking Scorpion and Clam Soup

After getting all the ingredients you need to go back to the town. After reaching there talk to the person at the counter in Sanji’s Kitchen.

sanji's kitchen counter

There you will get the Craft Option. After selecting the craft option check the Scorpion and Clam Soup recipe in the cooking menu.

Select the Scorpion and Clam Soup and then press the X Button to cook the recipe. After cooking the Recipe go talk to Cook Krin and finish the quest.

cook krin

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