How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

Follow the steps in this guide to defeat the boss.

Death Squirrel is a secret Side Boss in One Piece Odyssey. Death Squirrel is a hybrid squirrel and a dog.

As you follow the path in the Lake Shore Cave you will reach a point where you will see Death Squirrel secretly chasing you. Suddenly the bridge will break and you will reach to open area. In the open area, you will encounter Death Squirrel and some of his goons.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

How to Defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

As One Piece Odyssey is turn based game so you need to switch between characters to execute the best skills. Follow the below steps to defeat Death Squirrel.

Eisa Enemy Attack

Along with the Death Squirrel, you will also face Eisa and the monster bats. You will face them first as Luffy. You will see a Red Bar on Luffy which shows the normal attack. Press X to Use the Normal Attack and this will give 47 damage which is nearer to finishing the Eisa HP.

eisa enemy attack

In return, Eisa will use the Vicious Slap move in which Eisa will switch into multiple forms and attack you. This attack will give you 32 damage.

Bat Bite Enemy Attack

Now your character will switch to Zoro and you will face Bronze Bat. Use the normal Zoro attack which will give 17 damage. In return, the Bat will do a Bat Bite attack in which they will swing in the air and attack you.

bat bite enemy attack

You can also change the direction of your attack by using the D-Pad.

Switch your character to Robin and use its Normal ability. In this attack, Robin will attack with his sword which will give Death Squirrel a lot of damage.

During the fight a Mysterious Girl will appears stealing all your powers and throws them into the air in a box shape. Now you can only use normal attacks like punch and kick attacks.

Death Squirrel Attack

Death Squirrel will only use one attack named Spinning Crush in which he will swing in the air and shoot yellow lighting at you. First time Death Squirrel will swing normally and at the end, the speed and impact will increase.

death squirrel spinning crush attack

After that switch to different characters and use their normal ability to defeat the small enemies. Finish them and for the last time switch your character to Luffy.

Use the normal kick ability to attack the Death Squirrel this will deplete his full HP and he will run away.

This is how you defeat bosses in this game. If you like you can read the guide on how to defeat Fire Colossus Boss and Del Kong. If you are low on HP read this guide to How to Heal in One Piece Odyssey.

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