How to Defeat Del Kong in One Piece Odyssey

Follow these steps to swiftly execute abilities and defeat the first boss.

One of the earliest bosses in One Piece Odessy is Del Kong. At first glance, Del Konf looks like a King Kong of the Island but you have to defeat him in order to progress in the game.

In this One Piece Odyssey wiki we will explain how to defeat Del Kong in One Piece Odyssey while taking less damage.

Who is Del Kong and How To Defeat Him?

Del Kong is a gorilla-shaped boss who has held captive NAMI who go lost while traveling on the island. Zorro will come to resuing Nami at this point your team will fight with the One Piece Boss along with Eisas (Enemies).

Fights in One Piece Odyssey are based on turns so switch between characters to attack Del Kong. You need to use the skills of different characters to defeat him.

Steps to Defeat Del Kong in One Piece Odessy

Once the battle begins you will encounter multiple small enemies AKA Eisas. Follow these steps:

Use Mani's Abilities to Deal Damage to Enemies
  • First, heal Nami and you need to use the Potent Energy Apple Item.
  • Use Robin’s Treinta Fleurs Flip ability to give the Hieisa and Del Kong damage.
Use Robin Skills to Deal Damage to Enemies and Del Kong
  • Now switch to Nami and use Thunderbolt Tempo ability skills.
  • Select Luffy and choose the Gear 2 ability. Luffy will smash the ground and stun Del Kong.
  • You can also select the characters from the reserve crews. Select the character from the reserve crew and then replace it with the character that you want to switch.
Switch Character from Reserve Crew
  • Switch Zoro with Sanji and use the Rashomon ability that will deplete half of Del Kong HP.
  • Again use Luffy Gum Gum Jet Bazooka Ability.
  • Select Robin and use its Dos Fleurs Grab abilities.

Now that Del Kong’s HP is low use any normal ability to land a final blow.

Attack Del Kong to Defeat it

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