How to Defeat Fire Colossus Boss in One Piece Odyssey

With the following steps, you can easily win the boss fight.

In One Piece Odessy, you will come across multiple bosses. One such boss is the Fire Colossus who is a giant flame boss which will appear while finding the Straw Hat. At first, the Fire Colossus boss will appear as a giant flame rig bell. But as soon as the fight begins and Fire Colossus lands on the ground his Legs and Hand will appear.

There is also a giant stick in his right hand with a flame on top. You need to defeat Fire Colossus in One Piece Odyssey to get the Straw Hat.

In this guide, we have explained how to defeat the Fire Colossus boss in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Defeat Fire Colossus Boss in One Piece Odyssey

How to Defeat Fire Colossus Boss in One Piece Odyssey

These are the best Fighting skills of your crew that you can use to defeat the Fire Colossus.

Use Luffy’s Fighting Skills

The battle begins with Luffy’s first move. Use Gear 2 Ability from Luffy’s fighting skills. Luffy will smash his right hand on the ground but it won’t affect Fire Colossus.

In return, the Fire Colossus will use his right stick to smash which will give Luffy damage.

Use luffy's gear 2 ability

Zoro’s Fighting Skills

You will automatically switch to Zoro go to his skill and look for Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri ability. Press X to use the ability.

This ability will give Fire Colossus a lot of damage. Zoro’s abilities are the most effective ones.

Robin’s Fighting Skills

After that, your character will switch to Robin go to her skills and choose the Treinta Fleurs Flip ability. Treinta Fleurs Flip will give 753 damage to Fire Colossus.

Steal Healing Items from Boss Using Nami’s Thief Ability

Use Nami’s Thief ability to snatch healing items. Use these items to recover HP. Use this ability to get the berries from the Boss.

Fire Colossus will use his main ability in which he will spread his hand while throwing Fire Bombs at all the players and deplete their HP.

fire colossus fire bomb attacck

Switch to Zoro

Switch your character to Zoro and use one of his Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri abilities that you used at the beginning of the battle.

Switch to Luffy

Then again Switch to Luffy and use the Gum-Gum Jet Pistol ability which will give 970 damage to Fire Colossus. This will deplete more than half of Fire Colossus HP.

Use gum-gum pistol skill on Fire Colossus

NOTE: You can also switch between your reserved characters if you need to. Sometimes one of your characters is lower in HP at that point you can switch. You can use four characters at a time during the battle.

Nami’s Fighting Skills

Select Nami and use the Thunderbolt Tempo ability. This ability will give Fire Colossus 300 damage and in return, you will also get 80 damage.

Nami's thunderbolt tempo skill

Then switch to Zoro, Luffy, and Robin for one last time and use the most effective abilities. This will deplete the full HP of Fire Colossus.

Fire Colossus Second Phase

After depleting his full HP Fire Colossus won’t be defeated and a Cut Scene will appear. After the Cut Scene, you will battle Fire Colossus one more time. During the battle, the Mysterious Man will interrupt you.

mysterious man

The Mysterious Man will give some damage to the Fire Colossus after that an explosion will happen which will spread the fire all around the place. The battle will be over after that.