How to Defeat Smoker & Tashigi in One Piece Odyssey

Smoker & Tashigi are the two human bosses that you will fight during the main story progress in One Piece Odyssey. They both have the sword to use as an attack. You will find them while passing the Desert Near Alubarna.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Defeat Smoker & Tashigi Gator in One Piece Odyssey.

defeat smoker and tashigi

How to Defeat Smoker & Tashigi

At first, when you reach the Desert you will get into an argument with Smoker & Tashigi. Then your battle will begin.

Preparation for the Battle

Chopper, Nami, Zoro, and Luffy are the best option for this battle. All of these characters have damaging skills and healing skills which will help you a lot during the battle.

Except for that make sure to have the healing items and recipes like Sazae Kancho Pescatore. Sazae Kancho Pescatore will restore the full HP of your all Characters.

Main Battle

You will also battle with the sailor along with the Smoker & Tashigi. You will face them first with Luffy. Use the Gum-Gum Gatling skill this will give the sailor 350 damage to the sailor. In return, the sailor will attack you with a gun or sword.

gum-gum gatling skill

After the attack select Zoro and use the Three Thousand Worlds skill this will give 450 damage to the sailor. Some of your characters will face Sailor and some will face Smoker & Tashigi. Try to defeat the sailor first and then battle with the main boss.

Select the Nami Character and use the Thunderbolt Tempo skill which will give 350 to 400 damage. Smoker & Tashigi will do a simple sword attack which will give you 400 damage. They also have a special attack which will give you a lot of damage.

Slash Gale and Smoke Screen Attack

After defeating all the sailors the attack power of Smoker & Tashigi will increase by 100. Tashigi will do Slash Gale Attack which will give you 400 damage. Smoker will do a Smoke Screen attack which will give you 490 to 500 damage.

smoker smoke screen attack

If one of your characters gets exhausted you can switch the character with the reserve crew. Select Sanji and Usopp if you want to change the character. This will happen if you don’t have enough healing in your inventory. Try to use the healing after every attack given the Smoker & Tashigi.

Switch between the character and use the Chopper healing ability to fulfill your HP bar. Us the Higher TP skills to give more damage to the Boss. As Boss battles are heavier battles that will take some time and resources to beat them.

Battle Reward

After defeating Smoker & Tashigi you will get these rewards.

  • Money 38500
  • EXP 5900
  • Sailor Record Cube

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