How to defeat the Sandora Dragon in One Piece Odyssey

Sandora Dragon is a giant lizard boss in One Piece Odyssey. You will encounter two of these giant lizards while chasing a parrot in the desert.

In this guide, we will discuss How to defeat the Sandora Dragon in One Piece Odyssey.

In the main story of One Piece Odyssey, you will visit different locations. During the progress, you will encounter man encounter many bosses that you will defeat. One of the bosses is Sandora Dragon.

Sandora Dragon location

During the main story progress, you will reach the Desert Near Naohana. After reaching the desert area a cut scene will appear. In the cut scene, you will see a parrot will be eaten by the giant lizard in the mid-air.

sandora dragon location

How to defeat Sandora Dragon

Your battle will begin after the cut scene. You need to use Zoro, Luffy, Sanji, and Nami. These characters have a lot of damaging skills that will help you during the battle. Before beginning the battle make sure to have multiple healing items. Because the boss attack will give you a lot of damage.

Select the Sani character and use the Veau Shot ability which will give Sandora Dragon 200 damage. After that select Luffy and use the Gum-Gum Bullet ability which will give 220 damage. After using your ability Sandora Dragon will use the Shock Shout which will give you 250 damage.

defeat sandora dragon

After that select Zoro and use the Lion Song Ability which will give Sandora Dragon 400 damage. Then select Nami and use the Thunder Bolt Tempo which will give 300 damage to the Sandora Dragon. Select the Zoro Character and use the Oni Giri ability which will give Sandora Dragon 350 damage.

In return, Sandora Dragon will use the head smash attack that will give you 270 damage. Now switch to Luffy and use the Sazae Kancho Pescatore. This recipe will all of your characters. After that use Luffy Gum-Gum Bazooka ability this will give Sandora Dragon a lot of damage.

During the boss battle, you will ask to defeat the Sandora Dragon in a specific manner. Like you will ask to defeat the boss with Luffy’s Character and use specific skills. This will give more points and rewards than the normal battle.

You need to just switch between the characters and use the Skills with the Higher TP. This will give the boss a lot of damage. Sandora Dragon has a huge HP bar and it will take some time to defeat him.


After defeating the Sandora Dragon you will get these items as a reward.

  • Money (22000)
  • EXP (1030)
  • Sandora Dragon Meat (2)
  • Sandora Dragon Power (1)

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