How to Delete Windows.old Without Disk Cleanup

The need to delete Windows.old folder arises when you upgrade to Window’s next operating system. This folder saves a copy of the previous Window OS. As we know Windows 10 is the most reliable operating system. So why waste memory space just to save a copy of the previous OS in the shape of Windows.old.

Can You Delete Windows.old?

The answer is Yes and No… Why

You can delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10 but in an ordinary way. You cannot delete this folder by pressing the Shift + Delete command.

This process requires a little hassle.

Is It Safe To Delete Windows.old?

Yes, it’s completely safe to delete Windows.old files from Windows 10. If you don’t have any intentions to revert to Windows 7 then deleting this folder will only save for you additional space on your hard disk.

The only issue that users can face is that if they are planning to roll back they will have to do a clean installation of Windows 7 after formatting the hard disk.

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How to Delete Windows.old Without Disk Cleanup

Those users who don’t want to remove Windows.old using the Windows clean-up utility. They don’t need to worry. There is another way to delete Windows.old without the Disk Cleanup tool. All you need is to access Command Prompt.

Follow these steps to delete Windows.old via Command Prompt.

  1. Open command prompt as administrator
  2. Type this command TAKEDOWN /f Windows.old /a /r to take the ownership of Windows.old folder. Hit enter.
  3. The Prompt will looks like C:\Windows\System32>. So, type this and hit enter CD\. Now the prompt should look like C:\>
  4. Now type and hit enter DIR Windows.old
  5. Enter this command Attrib -r -a -s -h C:\Windows.old /S /D (there is a space between r and a and s and h).
  6. Type command RD /s Windows.old (again there’s space between RD and /s).
  7. Prompt will ask you to choose Y/N, type Y.
  8. Now again type DIR Windows.old, if you see File not found.
  9. You are done, now close command Window.

How To Delete Windows.old Using Disk Cleanup Utility?

  1. Open Disk Cleanup utility.
  2. Click on the “Clean up system files” button.
  3. Wait a bit while Windows scans files, then scroll down the list till you see “Previous Windows installation(s).”
  4. Check the box next to the entry, then make sure there are no other boxes checked (unless you do want to delete those items). Click OK to start the cleanup.

How to delete the Windows.old folder using Storage sense settings

In Windows 10 it is easier to delete Windows.old from your PC, and that is to use the Storage sense.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings > System > Storage > Storage sense section > click the Change how we free up space automatically option.
  2. When a new window opens, check to Delete the previous version of the Windows option.
  3. Click the Clear now button.

When you finish, the Windows.old folder will no longer be available on your PC.

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