How to Do Campfire in One Piece Odyssey

Setting up Campfire will restore health and buff the party.

Campfire in One Piece Odessy is a useful feature that allows all the Straw Hat crew members to come together in one place and organize the party. There are multiple Campfire places that are shown as Wooden Square on the map.

Campfire helps you increase the experience earned for the following ten battles. On the campfire spots, Sanji cooks meals using newly unlock recipes i.e. Bronze Bat Soup recovering full HP and increasing EXP by 30%. this effect can last from 10 to 5 battles.

In this guide, we have explained how Campfire works in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Do Campfire in One Piece Odyssey

How to Start Campfire in One Piece Odyssey

If you find the campfire just interact with the camp mark and start the party. There are plenty of things which you can do by the campfire. You can talk with each of your teammates.

  • Encyclopedia
  • Change Outfits
  • Cooking different Recipes
  • Craft Trick Balls
  • Fuse Accessories

You can perform each of the functions discussed above. You can go inside the camp and change your outfits. You can change the outfits of each character. There will be plenty of outfits that you can change. As you progress through the game there will be outfits that you will unlock.

changing outfts from campfire

In the encyclopedia, you will get information about the enemies and components. As you discovered you can get more information about them. The encyclopedia also helps you a lot during the progress of the game.

You can cook different recipes and craft the Trick Balls that will help you a lot during the battle. You can also gather all the accessories and combine them.

After crafting all the necessary things in the campfire, access the party to finish the campfire. You can also select the time for the camp rather you want to stay for the night or day or you can just finish the campfire.

starting a campfire party

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