How to Do Cooking in One Piece Odyssey (Unlock Cooking Guide)

Use Campfire Party or Sanji’s Kitchen to cook different types of recipes.

Cooking is a main feature in One Piece Odyssey that allows the players to cook different recipes. You just need to gather the ingredients for the recipe and start cooking. The ingredients can be collected from different parts of the island. You can also buy them from the vendors.

You can cook recipes that give you different types of buffs that you can use on yourself and on teammates. You can use these recipes to restore the HP during the battle. To use the cooking you need to unlock the cooking first.

In this guide, we have explained how to unlock and do Cooking in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Cook in One Piece Odyssey

You can cook in two possible ways.

1. Cooking at Campfire Party

Campfire parties are a source where you can do multiple things including cooking. You will see multiple Campfire in different areas of the map. Usually, they will be found after the quest or main story mission. You will see a square block of woods in the campfire area.

cooking in campfire party

Interact with the campfire mark to start the party. After that, you will see a cooking station there where you can cook the desired recipes. But first, you need to gather the ingredients first.

2. Cooking in Sanji’s Kitchen

As you progress through the game you will reach to a location named Nanohana. Where you will find Sanji’s Kitchen in the town.

  • Go to the Counter and talk to the person there.
  • You will be shown four options. Select the craft option.
  • Then Choose the Cook Food Option.
  • Look for the recipe that you want to cook.
  • Gather the ingredients and cook the recipe.
cooking in sanji's kitchen

How To Cook Small Drum Stick in Sanji’s Kitchen One Piece Odessy

If you want to cook Small Drum Stick you need these materials to gather.

  • Chunk of Meat
  • Fragrant Herb

After getting the ingredients, go back to Sanji’s Kitchen in order to cook the recipe. It will give you 1500 HP and stops the bleeding of the character.

At the beginning of the game, there are few recipes to cook. Progress in the game will unlock more recipes.

That’s it about cooking if you want you can read our guide on how to Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup and Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey

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