How to Earn Money (Berries) Fast in One Piece Odyssey

Berry is the in-game currency that is used in One Piece Odyssey. Berry is the most important part of the game because all the purchasing and upgrades work on berries.

You can purchase different food ingredients, items, and accessories from berries. There are multiple shops from where you can buy them.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Earn More Berries in the One Piece Odyssey.

How to earn Berries

As this is the most needed item in One Piece Odyssey though. There are multiple methods through which you can earn berries.

  • Bounty Hunt
  • Side Quest
  • Nami Ability
  • Battle Reward
  • Treasure Chest
  • Pre Order Reward

1. Bounty Hunt

Bounty hunting in One Piece Odyssey is a fun and exciting way to earn in-game currency and unlock new characters and abilities.

Bounty Hunting is the side mission that you have to do in One Piece Odyssey. You will find the bounty hunt marks on the map where you have to reach and talk to the person there. You will find different NPCs at the bounty hunt mark and you need to defeat them. After defeating them you will get berries as a reward.

bounty hunt for berry farming

2. Side Quests

Side quests are small tasks given by a random NPC. There are a lot of quests in one piece odyssey you will find them in every area you visit. Talk to the person and complete the task. Not only you will earn berries but also a lot of useful items.

3. Nami Ability

As Nami is obsessed with money so it is obvious she has the ability to get the berries. Nami has a thief ability and also the Treasure sensor which you can use to get the berries. You can use the ability during the battle to snatch the berries from the enemies. Depending on the enemies you will get 15k to 30k berries.

4. Battle Reward

The most consistent way to earn berries is the battle. You will take part in multiple battles with the small enemies and the bosses. The reward will be more dependent on the enemies that you are fighting with.

5. Treasure Chest

Treasure chests are also a source of berries. You will find them at random locations where you can approach them and get the berries. You will also get the accessories which will give you the stats points of your character.    

This is the simplest method of getting berries as you don’t need to look for the chest at the specific place. You will find them randomly.

6. Pre-Order Reward

You can also get the berries as a pre-order reward for the game. You will get 100000 berries and rare outfits for your characters. 

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