How to Extract in Floor 3 Hell Level in Dark and Darker

How to Extract in Floor 3 Hell Level in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker have an escape portal system in which players gather their loot and search for the porta to spawn. Dark and darker exit portals are not static rather they respawn in different locations. Sometimes escape portals spawn into the boss areas and you have to escape through them.

In this guide, we will explain how to escape through the Floor 3 Portal at Hell Level in Dark and Darker. 

Extraction through Escape Portals

In Dark and Darker you join the match with sixteen players. You loot the materials around the map and kill opponent players and enemies. In the end, you need to use the escape portal to exit the match.

Where do Portals Spawn in Dark and Darker

Portals will spawn randomly there is no specific location for the portals. You have to survive until the end to use the portal. If you die you will lose all the loot and rare items that you have collected so far.

How to Extract in Dark and Darker

Escape Portals in Dark and Darker are spawned in the form of blue shining plates. You need to interact with the plates which will create a portal.

If you die solo you will get nothing and if one of your teammates survives he can carry the loot. So your loot won’t get wasted.  

How to Extract Using Floor 3 Hell Portal

It’s going to be more difficult if you survived and reached the Hell level.

Hell map is the most difficult part of the game where you have to survive. In this area, you will face monster dogs, a magic skeleton, and two monster flies. Kill them and get the loot from the chest. You will also see the golden chest.

How to Extract Using Floor 3 Hell Portal

Final Escape Portal in the Boss Room

When you enter the boss’s room he will detect you, try to avoid fighting him. Another hurdle here is the Circle that is getting closer. If you get caught in the Zone revive your teammates.

Then you will see the portal, sometimes two portals can also spawn. Ask one of your teammates to fight and distract the boss. Then interact with the blue plate to open the portal.

Final Escape Portal in the Boss Room

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