How to Find Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey

Fin Luffy hat from a girl after defeating the Fire Colossus boss.

Straw Hat is Luffy’s signature cap who is the main character in One Piece Odessy. The Straw Hat was lost while landing on the Mysterious Island and you need to find it.

During the conversation with your team on the beach Nami says that she saw a girl with Luffy’s Straw Hat.

You need to find the straw hat by entering the cave which you will find in front of you. Before that look around the beach to collect the items and materials and then go to the cave. The cave is covered by some circular object but Zoro can remove it.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Luffy’s Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Find Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey

Once you enter the cave you will see a shining shrine. This shrine is a game save point you can interact with it to save progress. There will be multiple slots available for the game to save.

save game shrines

How to Get to Tower Ruins Warford

Head straight from the cave and interact with the search mark. Here you will also see some square rocks that have an ancient markings on them.

Follow the straight path and you will reach a circular place where you will see the Tower Ruins. You will see a shining wave between two big pillars.

How to Get to Tower Ruins Warford

Robin will tell you about Warford which is the legendary island with the light road to heaven. Tower Ruins will leads you to a place named Warford that has many treasures.

How to Find Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey

After defeating Fire Colossus you will a cut scene will appear in which a mysterious man sees you from the hill.

You are talking with your teammates that you are unable to defeat the boss properly. While talking with your team you will see a girl instantly appear. She will begin to touch all of your teammates.

When she comes toward Luffy he will get aside and Luffy will see the hat behind the girl and instantly grabs the Straw hat.

How to Find Straw Hat in One Piece Odyssey

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