How to find the Ice Stone in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you have to find materials for different purposes situated in different locations. But some are secret items that you must have to find in order to fulfill the requirements. Like evolving materials that use Stones. Evolving is the most important process to upgrade your Pokémon which will change its appearance and also upgrade its ability. These evolutions are also the requirements to progress in the game. Because it can help the Pokémon during the battles.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Ice Stone.

Using Ice Stone for Pokémon Evolution :

Every Pokémon has an evolvement process that we need to do and required the specific stone you can find in different locations. Ice Stone is the secret material you have to find for Evolution. It has a Snowflake Pattern in it.

Ice Stone Location:

Some stones you can find in the Delibird Presents Shop are located in different areas. But for some stones, you have to find them. You will be to find this stone in the Glaseado Mountain to the East of Western Province (Area Three). You can also find this stone by unlocking the secret place Area Zero.

Glaseado Mountain

How to find the Ice Stone:

Ice Stone is must need stone for the Evolution of Pokémon because you need to upgrade your Pokémon to fight with the different trainers. So you can fight and defeat them. You can find the stone near the Poke store go there and from the Poke Store move down. Move forward toward the left side of the mountain. We will jump straight down from the first cliff you will reach the end area of the Cliff. At the end of the cliff, you will see a small rock.

There you will find the Ice Stone near the rock in the form of a Poke Ball. In the same area move around and you will be able to find another Ice Stone in the form of a spark. Interact and get the Ice Stone. You can also find the Stone from Area Zero where you have to go to the Pound area where you will be able to find Ice Stone and some other stones. But first, you need to open that area that is late in the game.  

Ice stone

This is how you can find the Ice Stone. We hope this guide will help you.

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