How to Find the Skull Key in Dark and Darker (Open Skull Door)

Find legendary treasure along with the rare weapon.

The skull key in Dark and Darker is one of the rarest items that you can find in underground dungeons. The Skull key is required to open the Skull Door where you can loot mysterious hidden treasures.

It’s a difficult task to collect as much loot as possible in Dark and Darker in less time. Furthermore, you need to deal with Ghost and Litch boss to get the Skull Key.

In this guide, we will explain how to find the Skull Key and open Skull Door in Dark and Darker. 

How to find the Skull Key in Dark and Darker

The skull key is the most important key that you need to find because the skull key opens the Skull Door. There are three ways to find the Skull key.

  1. Defeat the Lich boss in Hell level and he will drop the Skull Key.
  2. Just like the Lich boss, defeat Ghost King Boss and get the Skull Key.
  3. Find a chest in the northwest room Crypt Map in which Skull Key spawns.

Tip – To defeat the boss don’t go solo, join the squad.

defeat lich boss to get soul key

Crypt Map Location To Find Skull Key

Another way to find the key is to look out for the key in these locations on the crypt map. Look for the key to the North West side of the crypt map where you will be able to find this key with the chest and around the throne.  

crypt map location

How To Unlock The Skull Door In Dark and Darker?

After getting the key the next thing you need to do is to find the Skull room. You will find the Skull room in the hell level. Here defeat any enemies that you find.

You will find a lever on the left side of the door. Pull the lever and this will create a path to the skull door. Use the bridge to reach the Skull room. Grab the legendary loot which you can sell at the market. The rarity of the loot also depends on the rarity of the chest. You will also get a unique weapon on the table.

Finding the Skull key is a time-consuming task and the chances are high that you will die in the zone. So get the potions of resurrection before getting into this and get the loot.

How To Unlock The Skull Door In Dark and Darker?

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