How To Fix Atomic Heart Game Progress Not Saving Problem

Users of Atomic Heart on PC and Xbox, especially those using Xbox Game Pass, have reported issues with the game not saving properly.

Many users on Reddit and Steam have reported this issue but the problem has yet to be resolved. Users have experienced losing progress when attempting to restart the game after quitting, with the option to load a save becoming grayed out or the game only recognizing a save from hours ago.

To prevent losing progress in Atomic Heart, there are steps you can take to ensure that your saves are preserved.

How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Saving and Prevent It From Losing Again on PC and Xbox

Follow the solutions that we have explained below.

1. Restart The Game

While playing Atomic Heart you need to keep an eye out for a “Disconnect” notification during gameplay.

If this message appears, the game will not save correctly until you restart it. The user found that they could replicate the saving issue in the Xbox Game Pass version by manually disconnecting their PC from the internet.

By following this advice, players may be able to preserve their progress and avoid losing saves in Atomic Heart.

2. Use Manual Save Points

To prevent the loss of progress, relying on manual save points instead of the auto-save feature can also be helpful. This way, users can save their game progress at a specific point in time, reducing the risk of losing progress due to issues with the auto-save function.

Until the developers release an official fix this is the last attempt you can make to fix the issue. If you like cheating in the game then read our Atomic Heart Trainer Guide. If you are dealing with Atomic Heart startup crashing check out this guide.