How To Fix Valheim Crashing and Losing Progress Or Inventory

You can recover your lost progress.

Valheim is an open-world survival game where you build craft, and farm gold or silver. As you progress with the game you will collect multiple crafting things in your inventory. Your inventory and progression in the game matter a lot.

However, many players keep reporting that whenever Valhiem crashes all the progress and their hard-earned inventory are lost. We have already covered world load error crashing where we told our users that outdated mods, corrupt files, or drivers can cause the Valhiem crash.

In this article, we have explained what you can do if the Valheim game crashes and lose everything or lose any specific item.

Tip– Well you can restore your lost items from Steam Cloud Saves

Why Valheim Crashing and Deleting Progress

If you lost any particular item or your world resets after hard crashing then the most common cause is outdated mods or GPU drivers.

After thorough research, GPU cards from 1080ti to up are more affected by the crashing issue.

The Valhiem Mistlands crashing has also something to do with the autosave conflicting with the game engine updating in-game objects.

Possible solutions to Fix Valheim Crashing and Losing Progress

Apply the following fixes that can prevent you from crashing and losing your entire progress. Even if your game inventory resets you can recover them instantly.

  1. If you are using Nvidia Control Panel then change Vsync to Fast and limit FPS to 60.
  2. Don’t install games in C:\Program Files\Steam\. That’s one of Windows’s specially monitored security folders. Use C:\Steam\ instead.
  3. Delete outdated mods by removing all the files from the Valhiem game folder.
  4. Use Restoro to scan and fix system corrupt files.
  5. Update GPU drivers. try to download game-ready drivers

How to restore the most recent working world/inventory saved after a crash

Once you prevent Valhiem from crashing the next thing that you would want is to restore recent progress, world, or inventory items.

Here we have explained the method that you can follow to recover your lost progress after the crash.

  1. Check for lost files in Steam Cloud Saves. Go to this address C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\yourSteamIDnumber\892970\remote. By default saves in this folder are synced with saves on the Steam Cloud server, which can also be found on this link:,
  2. If you still can’t find the Valhiem stores files after crashing then make sure that you have enabled System Restore. Secondly, Steam should be installed on the same disk as your Windows. You can extract any specific older saves from volume shadow copies by using tools i.e. VSC Toolset. If Windows has created a copy before the crash, there is a good chance you can extract a working save from it.

What to Do When Valhiem Crashes Cause Inventory Loss?

Nobody likes to lose several hours of work. If you have lost inventory after the crashing issue then you can recover the last saved file.

The Valhiem auto-saves feature saves the game after every 5 minutes on your system. Files relating to characters and inventory are stored locally instead of on the server.

When crashes occur the character.fch file can get corrupted but don’t worry you can recover or roll back them from the Steam Cloud. All you need is to access Steam Cloud Saves and locate the character.fch file.

Upon relaunching the game, Steam Cloud will ask you which file to load. You can manually load the character.fch file before you relaunch the game.