How to Get Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker

Explaining the simplest cookie clicker autoclicker

Are you also exhausted from clicking on the cookie clicker to get the upgrades? Do you want to ease up the game and get an auto clicker so you could enjoy the purchases and upgrades? Now you can do this through an auto clicker.

Auto clicker is basically an application that clicks on the screen according to the settings of your choice. These applications have numerous setting options to precisely get the result you can choose the number of clicks, location of the cursor, type of click, and the time delay between two clicks.

Here is how you get an auto clicker for cookie clicker and enhance your experience.Β 

How to Download Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker Game?

There are numerous autoclickers like GS Auto Clicker, OP Auto Clicker, Free Mouse Clicker, Murgee Auto Clicker, Fast Mouse Clicker, etc. Each of these offers multiple features. You can download any of them from their official websites.

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Download OP Auto clicker
  • Click on the Download button. It is available for Microsoft, Android, and macOS. You can also get it on Google play.
  • A screen will display and shortly the downloading will start.

How to Use Auto Clicker in the Cookie Clicker?

  • Once the Autoclicker is installed, run the program and you will see various configurations.
  • Set and specify the number of clicks you want to make or leave it to be infinite.
  • Set the time delay between two clicks. If you want to earn maximum cookies at a super fast speed, set the time to be a minimum. 
  • Now choose the type of click that is whether the click has to be a left or right mouse button and single click/double click as you wish.
  • Choose the hotkey to start/stop the auto-clicking process. In some clickers, you have to take the cursor to the big cookie on the screen and then press the hotkey to start the auto-clicking. In others, you will have to specify the location in coordinates for which you have to hover over the cookie on your screen and click the mouse button. The auto clicker will automatically capture and save the cursor location.
  • Once done and configured, minimize the clicker and press the hotkey button to earn the cookies using an auto clicker.

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How to Use OP Auto Clicker in Cookie Clicker?Β 

  • Open the Cookie clicker.
  • Open OP Auto Clicker and set the click interval to 20 milliseconds or less for high-speed clicking.Β 
  • Now, jump onto the cursor position and mark it as the current location.
  • Mouse Click should be set to leave, and set the click repeat to until stopped.
  • Now drag your mouse pointer to the large cookie on the left side of your screen, and click F6. F6 is the default hotkey for OP Auto clicker. However, you can also change it.
  • Op auto clicker will begin clicking and start earning you cookies.

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