How to Get Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here are four methods to get legendary Charmander Pokemon.

Charmander is a fire-type cute dragon baby Pokรฉmon in Scarlet & Violet. This is one of the legendary Pokรฉmon that everyone wants to find in Violet and Scarlet. The other name of Charmander is Hitokage.

Charmander has different abilities like Blaze, Solar Power, and Fire Spin. These abilities can help you a lot during the battle. You can also level him up by teaching him new moves.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Charmander in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet.

Charmander Pokemon Stats

These are stats of Charmander Pokรฉmon.

  • HP (39)
  • Attack (52)
  • Defense (43)
  • Special Attack (60)
  • Special Defence (50)
  • Speed 65)

The total score of his base stats is 309 which is not good you need to level him up to utilize him in the battle. Most people find Charmander to evolve into his legendary form which is Charizard.

How to Get Charmander Pokรฉmon in Scarlet and Violet

This is one of the legendary and rare Pokรฉmon so there is no straight method to find Charmander. However, you can try the below methods to get Charmander.

  • Location Method
  • Surprise trade
  • Breeding
  • Tera raids

1. Get Charmander on Poco Path Location

This is not a 100 percent sure method but if you get lucky you can find Charmander Pokรฉmon. You need to go to Poco Path which is a green area surrounded by trees. What you need to do is look around for Charmander near trees.

When you enter this area you will see them beside the stones nearer to the first tree on the right side. As Charmander is a fire type you can also craft recipes that have fire encounter power like Mapo Tofu and Soba Noodle Soup. When you first encounter Charmander his level will be 10. You can easily catch him by throwing the Poke Ball.   

get Charmander in a location Poco Path

2. Get Charmander via Surprise Trade

Surprise trade is another way you can use to get Charmander. What you need to do is to go to the trade link and enter the code of Charmander and if you find the match online you will get Charmander. You can also ask your friend to trade online.

3. Get Breeding to Hatch Charmander

You can also Breed eggs to hatch Charmander. For that method, you have to get Charizard Pokemon. When you find him then you need to start the picnic and craft the sandwiches which will increase the chance of hatching Charmander. You can also ask your friends to breed the eggs for you if they have Charizard Pokรฉmon.

breeding for charmander

4. Start Tera Raids To Get Charmander

There are Charizard Tera Raids announced in the game. You need to beat those Tera Raids to get the Charizard.

These raids will announce within time in the future so you need to stay alert when they are announced so you can try your chance to get Charizard.

After getting Charizard you can start the picnic method to get the Charmander.

How To Evolve Charmander Pokemon

There are also some methods through which you can Evolve Charmander. You need to level them up so you can evolve Charmander.

  • Charmander to Charmeleon
  • Charmeleon to Charizard

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