How to Get Sazae Kancho Pescatore in One Piece Odyssey

Adio's house can unlock many items you can get also get Sazae Kancho Pescatore here.

Sazae Kancho Pescatore in One Piece Odessy is a combat recipe that you can find as you progress in the game. You can use the combat items and recipes during the battle to take advantage of increasing your TP, DEF, and Guts. Sazae Kancho Pescatore can also be used on your teammates.

Once used not only Sazae Kancho Pescatore can heal your teammate’s TP by 100 it can also boost up DEF by 10%. You can utilize this boost for three turns. This healing item also increases the GUTS by 10% of your character and teammate.

In this guide, we will discuss How to Get Sazae Kancho Pescatore in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Get Sazae Kancho Pescatore in One Piece Odyssey

At the beginning of the game, you have to battle and defeat the Fire Colossus. During the battle, you will encounter a Mysterious man (Adio) who will help you win the battle and unlock Bronze Bat Soup. After finishing the battle you will talk to him Adio and he will ask you to follow him.

adio's house

Adio will take you to a place where he will introduce you to his home. He will ask you to stay and make yourself at home.

When you enter his house a cutscene will come and you will see multiple food items and they are in huge quantities. He will offer you the food.

After the cutscenes get outside the house and go to the left side by the stair. You will see a chest there you need to open the chest. After opening the chest you will get the Sazae Kancho Pescatore.

opening chest for sazae kancho pescatore

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