How to Get Six IV Masuda Ditto in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

You will participate in the Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which require high-level Pokémon. Tera Raids are the battle versus Ditto of different IVs through which you will unlock Ditto. Ditto is the rare Pokémon that you will get in the game. 

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Six IV Ditto:

Six IV Ditto is a powerful Pokémon which have a higher level and IV determines their stats. Which will help you a lot during the fight with other Pokemon.

You will come to know about Ditto (Shiny Pokémon) while taking classes at your school in Pokémon. In Biology class Jacq will discuss shiny hunting. In which he will talk about hatching eggs from a different language you will get a higher chance of getting shiny Pokémon.

Basically, this was the Masuda Method that tells you the chance of getting shiny eggs. Later on, they will hatch to give you a shiny Pokémon. The Masuda method increases the chance of getting eggs more than the shiny charm. This means you will get a chance to get one shiny Ditto out of 683 chances.

How to Unlock the Six Star Raids:

You need to unlock Six Star Raids in order to unlock the Six IC Ditto Raids.

  • First, you need to beat the entire game.
  • Participate in the Academy Ace tournament and beat it.
  • You need to win multiple five star raids it doesn’t matter if they are in multiplayer or in single-player.
  • Team up with the online players to compete in the Raid.

After doing all of these you will get a call from Jacq. He will ask you there are multiple Tera Raids appearing on the map with Black crystals. All six Star Raids will guarantee you a Five IV Pokémon and you will also get a chance to get a Six IV Pokémon from 1 out of 32.

How to get Six Star Raid more than once Per Day:

Six Star Raids shows once per day but you can make the appearance more than one time by changing the date. You can switch o the time by pressing X without closing the game and changing the date by one day and when you will come back to the game you will see the six-star raid.

Things to Avoid in Six Star Raid:

If you are the host or the leader of the six-star raid don’t bring the Pokémon of a Higher Level because the ditto will convert to his powerful form and can finish the party very easily. Take the lower level of Pokémon and it will take you less time to defeat him. It will take three to four moves of your party to defeat him. The higher level Pokémon will make the fight more difficult and complicated. Sometimes you die and sometimes you will win.

defeating ditto

How to Check the Ditto Stats:

 If you want to see what kind of Ditto you got, you need to unlock the Judge Function. If you have unlocked the feature you can check the stats of Ditto and their types. You can also compare the Ditto of Five IVs and Six IVs and check the difference between their stats.

checking ditto stats

How to Unlock the Masuda Ditto:

For this method, you need to the trading with Ditto but in a different language. For Example, if you have an English Ditto you need to trade with the Japanese Ditto. Just go to the trading and enter the code on the trade link to get the Masuda Ditto.

masuda ditto

Breeding Six IV Ditto for Powerful Pokémon :

When you give a destiny Knot to a Six IV Ditto when breeding with another Six IV Ditto they will give you a five IV Pokémon. There will be a chance of getting six IV Pokémon when you combine parents of six IVs. They are very powerful that’s why people want six IV Ditto.

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