How to Get Special Poke Balls in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are 8 special poke balls that you can get.

Poke balls are the devices used by the Trainers to capture and store their Pokémon. Your trainer will throw this ball when you see a Pokémon faint. These are made of a hard spherical shell and have a button when pressed will open and release the Pokémon inside. There are also special types of Poke Balls.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get Special Poke Balls in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Get Special Poke balls in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

If you are playing any of the Pokémon games you will know you have to catch them all at different locations. But for special poke balls, you need to complete the Pokedex.

While progressing in Pokedex when you reach a certain stage you will start receiving gifts. These gifts will be in terms of items and materials which you will get both normal and rare items. Another item you will receive is the Poke Balls.

Unlocking special pokeballs

There are Eight Types of special Poke Balls.

  1. Fast Ball
  2. Friend Ball
  3. Lure Ball
  4. Level Ball
  5. Heavy Ball
  6. Moon Ball
  7. Dream Ball
  8. Beast Ball

1. Fast Poke Ball

The first one of the eight Pokeball you will receive when you have 240 Poke Balls in your Pokedex. You will receive the fastball which is good to use against the Pokémon that are quicker in running away.

2. Friend Poke Ball

The next Poke ball you will receive is Friend Ball which you will get after reaching 260 Pokedex level. This Poke ball is friendly because it increases the friendship of the Pokémon on which you will throw.

3. Level Poke Ball

The Third one is Level Ball which you will get when you reach 280 Pokedex. It is very useful against the Pokémon which has a lower level in the battle.

4. Lure Poke Ball

At 300 Pokedex entries, you will get the Lure Poke Ball which is used to catch the Pokémon in the water.   

5. Heavy Poke Ball

You will get the Heavy Ball which you will get at the 300 entry in the Pokedex. This is very useful against the heavy Pokémon in battle.

6. Moon Poke Ball:

At 340 Pokedex entries, you will get the Moon Ball which is great against the Pokémon who evolve using the moonstone.

7. Dream Poke Ball

You will get the Dream Ball when you reach the 360 Pokedex level. This Poke Ball will be good against the sleepy Pokémon.

8. Beast Poke Ball

At the completion of the Pokedex means at the 400th entry you will receive the Beast Ball. Beast Ball has the lowest catch rate of all Poke balls.   

How to get Rare Pokeballs through Auction in Cascrrafa West

You can also get rare Pokeballs from the Vendors in Cascarrafa West. You will have the access to Auction House and Porto Marinada.

There are four vendors that you can visit there and they have a lot of items there that you can get after winning the auction depending on the rarity of the item.

Sometimes they also have the rare Poke ball and if get lucky to win the Auction you will get the Poke Ball. Because the Auction will cost you 240000 to 260000 Poke Dollars.

buying rare pokeballs in cascrrafa west

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