How to Heal in One Piece Odyssey

Use Energy Apple or Potent Energy Apple on yourself or on your teammate when HP is low.

Before you start to fight with Del Kong you need to understand how you can heal in One Piece Odessy. Just like any other game, in Odessy you get hurt and lose your HP. To survive and win battles there are multiple healing items that you will find during progression.

There are multiple ways you can find to heal yourself or your teammate. In this guide, we have explained how to heal in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Heal in One Piece Odyssey

At the start of the game, you will have lesser healing items to use. Initially can find two items in your inventory by hitting the Left D-Pad button

  1. Energy Apple
  2. Potent Energy Apple

How to Get Energy Apple

Energy Apple is a healing item that will give you a little vitality point and also restores 500 HP. You can find energy apples in these locations.

Use Apple Energy to Heal Yourself

How to Get Potent Energy Apple

Potent Energy Apple is an upgraded healing item than the normal Energy Apple. It will give you a good amount of vitality and Restores 900 HP which is almost equal to full HP. Vitality is the ability that you will use during the Battle. After selecting the healing item press X to heal.

Use Potent Energy Apple to Heal Yourself

How to Heal your Teammates in One Piece Odessy

You can also revive your teammates by giving them healing items. At the start of the game Nami was injured, you need to heal Nami which you can do by these steps.

  • You need to select the healing item in your inventory and then select the teammate that you want to heal.
  • You can use the items according to the HP that your teammates need. If they need to heal a small portion of HP, you can use the healing item by looking at their stats.
How to Heal your Teammates in One Piece Odessy

You can also use healing for yourself if you don’t have the healing items. You need to switch to one of your characters and look for the healing items. If you find one use that item to heal yourself.

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