How to Hide Account Level in Valorant From Friends & Tracker

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In Valorant’s patch 3.0, Riot Games implemented the account level function as a method to honor and reward players for their time spent playing all game modes. The level number that appears on your account Player Card is depending on how much you play, and it increases as you play more frequently. In other words, based on their gameplay experience, the leveling system assigns players a numerical value that is shown on their player card.

A user who has played Valorant for a long time will have a higher Account level than a beginner. The leveling system sometimes turns into a justification for bullying or toxic behavior in the game, despite the fact that most Valorant players proudly display their Account Level. The majority of the time, teammates expect the player with the higher Account Level to perform above and above, and they get toxic if the person’s output doesn’t live up to the Level. Therefore, a number of Valorous players believe it is essential to keep other players’ Account Levels a secret.

But once Riot became aware of it, they considered it and gave the Valorant players what they wanted by enabling hiding account levels in the game.

How to Hide the Account Level in Valorant?

The procedures listed below can be used by players to disable the in-game display of their Valorant account level:

  • Start the game, then select the Collection option from the menu at the top of the screen.
How to Hide the Account Level in Valorant?
  • Click on Player cards in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Navigate to the Level borders tab, which may be found under Player Cards next to Banners.
How to Hide the Account Level in Valorant?
  • Uncheck the box next to your currently chosen border that says Show my account level on my player card. By unchecking this box, the player’s account level in Valorant will be hidden.
How to Hide the Account Level in Valorant?

What Are The Advantages of Hiding an Account’s Level in Valorant?

One of the key advantages of hiding an account’s level is that it prevents judgment and potential toxic behavior from other players depending on their own account levels. Remember that completing this step will not prevent the player’s friends from seeing their account level; it will still be visible on their friend list. It will only prevent other players from seeing the player’s account level. Fortunately, your battle pass advancement, experience with matchmaking, or in-game has no effect at all if your account level is hidden.

People have argued against concealing account levels, particularly to stop smurfs from doing so to make their accounts appear less noticeable. Sadly, smurfing is not prohibited by Riot’s Terms of Service and will not get you banned. The bulk of the community, however, disapproves of it since it makes games unplayable for other participants.

One more possibility suggested by the players is switching the visibility of player levels when the account reaches a particular threshold. This ensures that the account has experience before it may hide the level of the person piloting it. Riot has taken action against smurfs, and it is hoped that the business will continue to consider establishing restrictions against smurfing in general. This is crucial for preserving Valorant’s ability to compete.