How to Level Up Fast in One Piece Odyssey

You can level up your stats fast.

In One Piece Odessy’s skills and abilities of character matters as they determine how much damage they deal. As you progress through the game you will encounter difficult enemies and bosses.

At this point, you are required to level up your character fast. the usual way to upgrade your character’s stats is to defeat the enemies. After each fight, you will get money and EXP. Experience (EXP) will help you level up fast in One Piece Odessy.

However, it’s not the only way to earn experience fast. In this article, we have explained the best methods to level up fast in Odessy.

How to Level Up Quick in One Piece Odyssey

The best way of fast leveling up is to complete side quests, bounty neck hunts, memory linkages, and use suggested gear.

Below we have explained these methods bit more detail.

Get EXP By Setting Up Camp

During the game, you find areas where you set up camp and hold a party. During this activity, you will get a boost in EXP for a limited time. The effects of increased EXP will remain till ten battles are fought.

Utilize Luffy’s Field Action, Haki

Once you get a buff by holding a party you can easily use Luffy’s field action skill known as Observation Haki. This ability can locate enemies that will earn you extra experience points.

Defeat Rare Enemies

In Mysterious Island, you will find rare opponents. Fight with them to level up fast.

Trigger Dramatic Scenes

Sometimes when your character executes skills perfectly it creates a dramatic scene. You will have the opportunity to gain even more EXP.