How To Make a Bed In Minecraft?

It doesn't take much to make a bed in Minecraft.

A bed is one of the most essential thing in Minecraft. You probably need it on the first day of your game or the night will become very difficult for you.

Bed sets your respawn location after you sleep once on it so you don’t lose your house or any other collected materials. The bed also acts as a fast-forward button by skipping the nighttime once you sleep. Sleeping heals your player’s health.

This article explains the easiest way to make a bed with a pictorial guide step by step.

Materials To Make a Bed in Minecraft

  • 3 Oak planks.
  • 3 wool blocks.
  • Crafting table. (don’t know about crafting tables check out this article on how to make crafting tables).

Step To Make a Bed In Minecraft?

Wool is compulsory to make a bed and the source of wool are sheep. There are two ways to get wool from sheep one is to trim their wool using a shear but that can only be done if you have a shear.

As a beginner, the second way is easy for you killing a sheep and collecting wool. You have to kill 3 sheep of the same color for 3 blocks of wool.

Use the sword available in your inventory to kill the sheep and if you haven’t made a sword then the first checkout out how to make a sword.

Steps To Craft a Bed in Minecraft

Step 1. Open your crafting table 3×3 crafting space. As shown below in the picture.

Steps To Craft a Bed.  in Minecraft

Step 2. Pace 3 Oak planks in the mid-row of your 3×3 crafting space. Place the wool blocks in the upper row above your Oak planks. As shown below in the picture.

Pace 3 Oak planks in the mid row of your 3x3 crafting space

BOOYAH ! You just crafted your very first bed. Time to get some rest.

How to Use a Bed In Minecraft?

To use a bed simply move towards your bed and tap or click on it.

TIP: Never sleep in the daytime because your player can only sleep for a limited time and if you sleep in day time you won’t be able to sleep in the night and the night is gonna be difficult for you.

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