How To Make a Chest In Minecraft And Use It?

Store your inventory items.

In Minecraft, a time comes when your inventory space is full and you don’t want to drop any item from your inventory.

For this purpose, a chest is the best option to store inventory items that you don’t need at the time or they are so rare that you don’t want to lose them so you keep them in a chest which is safe at your home. A single chest has 27 slots to store items.

This article explains the easiest way to craft a chest with screen shoots and a step-by-step guide.

Materials Required To Craft a Chest

  • 8 Oak planks.
  • Crafting table. (don’t have a crafting table. no worries just follow our guide on how to make a crafting table and craft one).

Steps To Craft a Chest In Minecraft Survival Mode.

Step 1. Collect 2 to 3 wood blocks to craft 8 Oak planks from them.

Craft a Chest In Minecraft Survival Mode

Step 2. After crafting 8 Oak planks open your crafting Table and place the Oak planks in all the boxes except the middle one. As shown below in the picture.

open your crafting Table

Congrats! you have made your very first chest which is ready to store items.

How To Use a Chest In Minecraft?

After placing the chest somewhere in your house open the chest by clicking or tapping on the chest and an inventory with 27 empty slots will open.

How To Use a Chest In Minecraft?

Click on the item you want to move to the chest from your inventory and then click on any of the empty slots in the chest inventory. Your item will be moved into the chest.

TIP: Always keep materials like diamonds and gold in the chest so you don’t lose them if you die.

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