How To Make a Redstone Piston in Minecraft?

easy tutorial on how to craft a piston with screenshots with step-by-step instructions.

In a nutshell:

To make a piston, place 3 wood planks in the first row, 4 cobblestones on either side of the second and third row, 1 iron ingot in the center, and 1 Redstone underneath it in the 3×3 crafting grid. Then simply click it and move it to your inventory.

If you are a new player of Minecraft. Then you might have seen awesome Redstone builds in Minecraft multiplayer servers or pictures of pretty amazing Redstone builds on discord servers which mostly consist of pistons.

The piston is one of the most important parts of Redstone builds. Pistons are Redstone-related blocks capable of pushing other blocks when receiving a Redstone signal. For the first time, the Redstone piston was added in Minecraft update 0.15.0.

If you don’t know how to craft a piston in Minecraft so you can build one Redstone build too. Then this article is for you as here we have explained the recipe of Redstone piston in steps with screenshots.

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Ingredients Required To Make Redstone Piston

  • Four cobblestones
  • One iron ingot
  • One Redstone dust
  • Any variation of wooden planks can work also only 3 planks are required

What do you mean by any variation of wooden planks that can work?

The answer is easy just use any wooden planks in the games. Just cut down any tree. In Minecraft 1.19 you can use the following types:

  • Oak planks
  • Spruce planks
  • Birch planks
  • Jungle planks
  • Acacia planks
  • Dark oak planks
  • Crimson planks
  • Warped planks
  • Mangrove planks

If already have these ingredients then skip the material part of the blog!

How To Get Cobblestone in Minecraft?

If you are a new player in Minecraft stone is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft. You can find it underground almost in every biome of Minecraft. It is 4-5 blocks under the dirt. But if you mine the stone directly it will drop cobblestone as shown:

How To Get Cobblestone in Minecraft?

How To Get Iron Ingot in Minecraft?

You can find iron in 1.19 at Y level-15. Which is the most common level for the iron to spawn but it is not common as the stone you have to search for it at Y level-15 or can be found in caves.

It can be mined by a stone pickaxe and it will drop raw iron but not the iron ingot. Once you have 1 raw iron you can smelt it to get an iron ingot.

How Do I get Iron Ingot From Raw Iron?

It is very easy, just smelt iron ore in a furnace. Place the iron above and any kind of fuel below it or you can also use a blast furnace to smelt the raw iron as shown in pthe icture.

How Do I get Iron Ingot From Raw Iron?

Where To Get Redstone Ore From And Redstone Dust?

In Minecraft 1.19, the best area to look for Redstone ore is Y level -59. Redstone ore is found between Y levels 15 to -64 and you can also look for it in caves. Generation chances of iron increase as you move deeper underground and 1 Redstone dust is enough.

Here is a Redstone generation diagram.
Redstone generation diagram.

Another thing that I want to mention here is that you can mine Redstone ore with iron, diamond, and netherite pickaxe. It will drop Redstone dust just make sure to not have silk touch on your pickaxe or it will drop the ore itself. As shown in the below image.

drop Redstone dust

What Is The Recipe Of Redstone Piston?

Take the iron ingot and place it in the center of the crafting table as shown:

What Is The Recipe Of Redstone Piston?

Now take the Redstone dust and place it below the iron ingot on the crafting table as shown:

take the Redstone dust and place it below the iron ingot

Place the cobblestones beside the iron ingot and Redstone dust as shown:

Place the cobblestones beside the iron ingot

Just take the wooden planks and place them on top of the ingredients that you just place as shown:

wooden planks and place them on top of the ingredients

You have just successfully crafted a Redstone Piston in Minecraft.

Where Can I Use Minecraft Pistons?

Pistons allow for blocks to be seamlessly moved without any player or mob interaction, this allows for players to come up with their own designs for mechanisms which open up the world of Minecraft to a lot of technical possibilities.

The different uses for pistons in the game are literally pretty much infinite, however, some of the most commonly seen applications range from simple piston doors, sand doors, draw bridges, hidden rooms, castle gates, piston tables & much more.

What Blocks Can Pistons Not Push?

Pistons are unable to push: barriers, beacons, bedrock, campfire blocks, command blocks, obsidian, enchantment tables, end portals, ender chests, jukeboxes, lodestone, other pistons, spawners, barrels, beehives/nests, furnaces, droppers, chests, lecterns, hoppers, droppers, brewing stands & dispensers.

Where Do Pistons Naturally Generate in the World?

Pistons naturally only generate within jungle temples, where 3 can be found.

How to Make a Sticky Piston?

You can make a sticky piston with just one ingredient and craft it in your inventory or crafting table as shown

How to Make a Sticky Piston?

Ingredients Required To Make Sticky Piston

  • Piston
  • Slime ball

Recipe for Sticky Piston

  • Take the piston and place it on the crafting table
  • Now take the slime ball and place it on top of the piston
  • Done you have crafted sticky piston
Recipe for sticky piston

But I don’t know how to get slime balls.

You have to kill the slime mob to get slime balls. You can find slimes at slime shunks or swamp biome at night time only.