How To Make a Wooden Sword in Minecraft?

Craft your first sword to defend yourself.

If you are a beginner in Minecraft then the sword is the primary defense. As you are new to this game you can only make a wooden sword that does give you 4+ damage but it’s still a weak weapon.

The more you gather resources you can make a better sword using cobblestone and iron. However wooden sword can also help you get along with the game.

This article will explain the easiest way to craft a wooden sword in Minecraft. let’s have a look at the materials required to craft a wooden sword.

Materials Required To Make Wooden Sword in Minecraft

  • 1 Stick.
  • 2 Oak planks.
  • 1 Crafting Table. (still don’t know about the Crafting Table just click on this link and make one, because it is necessary in order to craft any tool or weapon in Minecraft).

Steps To Craft a Wooden Sword In Minecraft Survival Mode

Step 1. Make some Oak planks using wood blocks. As shown below in the picture.

Craft a Wooden Sword In Minecraft

Step 2. Make sticks using Oak planks. As shown below in the picture.

Make sticks using Oak planks

Step 3. Place the stick in the middle column bottom block. Then place the Oak Planks in the middle column as shown below in the picture.

place the Oak Planks in the middle column

Booyah ! Congrats you just made your first sword.

I hope it will become a nightmare for the zombies, zoglin, giants, and for the pig zombies too.

TIP: Use the sword to kill sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens to get food, wool, and most importantly to increase XP.

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