How To Make And Use a Furnace In Minecraft?

Do you want to cook meat, smelt ores, or just want to have a light source?

The furnace is one of the useful tool in Minecraft that should always be in your inventory or house. The furnace is not used for just baking raw meat or food but to smelt items like iron ore into iron ingots.

Why Would You Cook Food When You Can Eat It Without Cooking?

This question popped up in my mind when I was crafting my first furnace. I found the answer. Cooked food prevents your player from food poisoning and cooked food also gives more health points.

This article is an easy guide for folks that are new to Minecraft and they want to craft a Furnace.

Materials Required to Craft a Furnace

  1. 8 Cobblestones.
  2. Crafting table. (haven’t crafted it yet. Checkout our guide on Crafting table)

Steps To Craft a Furnace in Minecraft

Step 1. Find some cobblestones near you and mine them using your pickaxe. (If you don’t have a pickaxe make one by just following our guide on pickaxe). You need 8 blocks of cobblestone

Find some cobblestones in minecraft

Step 2. After gathering the cobblestones, now you just need to open your crafting table of 3×3 crafting space.

open your crafting table of 3x3 crafting space

Step 3. We are ready to craft a furnace. place the cobblestone blocks in all the blocks just leave the middle one empty. As shown in the picture below.

craft a furnace in Minecraft

BOOYAH! You just crafted your very first furnace.

How To Use a Furnace in Minecraft?

To use a furnace you need fuel. Wood or coal can act as fuel in a furnace.

When you open the furnace it will show you a block in which you put the fuel (wood or coal).

The block above the fuel space is where you put the food you want to bake or the block you want to smelt. You get the result in the third block.

How To Use a Furnace in Minecraft?

Lets have a meal to make it easier for you to use a furnace.

Put the Fuel in the Fuel space and place raw beef, mutton, or chicken above the fire symbol space.

How To Use a Furnace in Minecraft?

It takes a bit of time to cook your chicken, beef, and mutton and once it is cooked you can enjoy the meal.