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Valorant Gift Cards: How to redeem a code or gift card in Valorant

How to redeem a code or gift card in Valorant

A method to express appreciation and thank someone for a kind gesture is by giving them a gift card in Valorant. Gift cards are one of your possibilities, especially if the recipient is a diehard fan of Valorant, even if there isn’t a deed and a special event like a birthday is involved.

Digital Valorant gift cards may be purchased on a variety of websites. If you recently got a gift card for Valorant or are seeking to surprise a friend with one, you’ll want to know how to redeem them since you’ll want to peruse the in-game shop as soon as you can.

Where to Buy Valorant Gift Cards?

Amazon is a digital retailer where you may purchase a gift card if you are from the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Riot’s gift cards are available in four price ranges: $10, $25, $50, and $100. Aside from Amazon, other vendors also provide gift cards that may be redeemed internationally. In addition to the nations listed earlier in this post, gift cards are also offered for Turkey and LATAM (Latin America).

Not all codes in Valorant may be redeemed for a specific value in exchange, including Gift Cards. Additionally, Valorant hosts a number of occasions throughout the year where they provide codes to the public that can be redeemed and used to access cost-free cosmetics.

They generally reward you with cosmetics from that event and take the shape of a promotional or seasonal event. The nation for which the gift card code is intended must be used to redeem it when you get it. If your PC’s IP address is located anywhere other than the US, you cannot use a gift card code that was purchased for the US. Gift Cards in Valorant may only be used on PC and in Valorant; they cannot be used in other places.

How you can redeem your gift cards/codes in Valorant

The Valorant Points (VP) with the amount of the gift card will be added to your account once you have successfully completed all these stages. An error notice will show and request that you check and retype the code if you type it incorrectly. The code must be entered without spaces and in the same format as it was given.

When activating codes, the following mistakes are frequently made:

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