How to Revive your Teammates in Dark and Darker

Easily revive your allies in Dark And Darker.

If you are a beginner then you should know how to revive your teammates in Dark and Darker. As this game has mechanics like the skill, portal, and Trading system so many players can’t find a way to revive teammates once they die.

In this guide, we will explain how to revive your teammates in the Dark and Darker.

How To Revive Teammates In Dark And Darker

If you are playing Dark and Darker in a Team Play and some might force has struck you down. Then don’t worry your teammates can revive you without using the resurrection spell.

There are two ways to revive your teammates.

  1. Altar Method (Soul Heart)
  2. Cleric Class Method

Revive Teammates Using the Altar Method (Soul Heart)

Here is a simple process:

  1. Pick up the player’s Soul Heart
  2. Find the Altar of Sacrifice
  3. Press F (default key) to sacrifice your HP to revive your teammate.
  4. The revived player returns to the dungeon

To revive your teammate, you need to pick up their Soul Heart that is located in the chest armor slot.

Remove your teammates’ chest armor to loot their body.

Pick up the Soul Heart and place it in your inventory.

Revive Teammates Using the Altar Method (Soul Heart)

Now you need to find the Altar of Sacrifice which is a shining lighting circle with dots around it in the Dungeon Basement Level.

The Altar of Sacrifice can help you escape rush situations especially if you are playing Solo.

Equip the Soul’s heart in Alter of Sacrifice and interact with the altar to revive your teammate.

This process takes time. Keep an eye on your enemies so they won’t kill you during the revive.

Now, wait for the bar to fill up. This is how you successfully revive teammates in Dark and Darker.

altar of sacrifice is a dotted around the Dungeon Basement Level

How To Revive A Player As The Cleric

The Dark and Darker has Rouge, Fighters, Wizard, and Ranger classes but only the Cleric can revive players with the tier eight Resurrection spell.

Dark and Darker Resurrection Spell: To revive using the Resurrection spell stand still beside the dead player. If you move left to right while reviving it will cancel the process. 

revive using ressurection perk

If the Resurrection Spell is not working in Dark and Darker then maybe your teammate Soul Heart has been stolen. To revive teammate Soul Heart must be present in the inventory of the fallen players.