How to Run and Dash in One Piece Odyssey

Turn on Auto Dash to explore the island quickly.

In One Piece Odessy Luffy is the main character that you will use to explore the island of Watford. But he and his Straw Hat crew walks slowly making the exploration delayed. Don’t worry you can use the run and dash feature to move faster.

You can use his Grappling ability which lets you pass through high places and cross deep places. Which will make your exploration easier.

In this guide, we have explained how to use the Run and Dash feature in the One Piece Odessy.

How To Dash in One Piece Odyssey

How to Dash in One Piece Odyssey

While exploring the Island you can Dash by pressing the Left Controller Stick and then Press R Button.

These mechanics will make your exploration easier and more reliable. You can travel fast with this function.

How to Turn on Auto Dash Function in One Piece Odessy

Except for the Simple Dash function, you can also use the Auto Dash Function. This Function is not turned on automatically you need to turn it on which you can do from the setting.

  • Go to Main Menu and Access the Game Setting.
  • In the Control Menu, you will see an Auto Dash Option.
  • Turn on the Auto Dash option in order to utilize the Function.

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