Valorant Replay System: How To Save Replays In Valorant?

Rectify your mistakes in the ranked matches by using these software to save Valorant replay.

Learning from our errors is the golden rule of life. This guideline applies to both real-world situations and video games. It’s impossible to be aware of every blunder you make when playing a game, thus reviewing the games’ replays is essential for fixing these problems. Knowing where you fall short can help you concentrate more on making up for those deficiencies.

As players constantly try to improve and get better in Valorant. Since watching replays is essential for improving but Valorant’s lack of a replay system is a major flaw in the game.

Don’t worry, there are still ways for players to save game replays. With these choices, you can record your games and then watch them later as a film saved on your System. These options are divided between RECORDING and STREAMING.

Free applications for recording Valorant include:

  • Nvidia ShadowPlay
  • OBS Studio

Applications that allow you to stream gaming include:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs OBS
  • Twitch Studio

Best Valorant Replay Software To Watch Them Later

For a different approach to saving replays in Valorant, we only mentioned the widely used and free solutions.

Use Nvidia ShadowPlay To Save & Watch Replays

Players with Nvidia graphics cards may record their games using the reputable recording tool known as Nvidia Shadowplay. Both Shadowplay and Instant Replay are features available in the Nvidia Experience app. You may use ShadowPlay to record your replays by:

Here’s how to record Valorant gameplay using Nvidia ShadowPlay

  • From the Official Nvidia Website, download and install the required application.
  • Press ALT+Z when playing Valorant to bring up the overlay.
  • In case the overlay isn’t visible, open the GeForce Experience app, choose the gear icon in the top-right corner, then scroll to the bottom till you find the In-Game Overlay option and turn it on.
  • Open the overlay, select Instant Replay, and then Settings, and select the duration of the replay.
Use Nvidia ShadowPlay To Save & Watch Replays

Valorant matches typically last between 30 and 40 minutes, however, Instant Replay has a 20-minute time limit.

  • Lastly, select Save.
  • After selecting the In-Game Overlay option, Valorant must be restarted because it won’t take effect until then.
  • You may view the replay of the preceding 20 minutes by pressing Alt+F10.

Use OBS Studio To Save & Watch Replays

OBS is a highly well-known tool that is utilized by well-known streamers and YouTubers. They find it beneficial to capture their desktop and broadcast their games live on YouTube or Twitch. There are no limitations here; you are free to record as much as you like. The OBS application is rather simple and easy to use, and recording your gameplay just has to be done in a few simple steps:

  • Install OBS Studio on your computer after downloading it.
  • Check out the top-right area of OBS Studio by opening the application.
  • Select Output under Settings.
  • If you want your replays to be saved in a certain folder, specify the folder location under Recording then Recording Path from Output.
Use OBS Studio To Save & Watch Replays
  • The files will be recorded in MKV format by default, but you may also select mp4.

Make sure your connection can supply the bitrate required to stream since 2500-3000 bitrate (about 25-30 Mbps upload) is the minimum advised if you want to stream your games.

Is there any drawback to recording VALORANT gameplay?

The processes of recording applications require the utilization of system resources. Your PC’s speed and frames per second (FPS) might be adversely affected by a recording application running in the background.

The amount of decrease will greatly rely on the internal components of your PC, and in the greatest gaming PCs outfitted with the newest technology, the difference won’t even be noticeable. To make sure your PC provides the finest gaming experience, especially if you have a budget or a lower-end PC, you might want to keep your recording devices away during key matches.


Why does Valorant not have replays?

It is because it requires a lot of hassle for developers. So instead of fulfilling the needs of some players, devs are working on new features that will serve the most players and have the most long-term impact on game health.

How to watch Valorant replays 2022?

There is no in-game feature to save Valorant gameplay so you need to download third-party game recording tools. Here we have mentioned Nvidia ShadowPlay and OBS Studio to be the best game recording software.

Does Valorant Have Replay System?